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The admiral of a fleet one of my toons is in asked me to make two "private" missions for the fleet (one space, one ground); that is, one whose location would not be mentioned in the mission and be made known only to fleet members. (For reviewing purposes, of course, I would not hide the missions in this manner until after they hit five reviews.)

Anyway, I finished the space mission a couple of weeks ago, and my fleetmates are eager to start playing it, but it only has two reviews, and none that are less than a week old. Since this is basically a team grind mission, and one that will eventually be restricted to my fleet, I would rather not have to seek out reviewers and beg them to review the mission by playing it solo (which would likely skew the reviews, as the mission is meant for team play), only to yank it away from "public" play once it hits five reviews.

All this is to say that the Foundry really needs to have more features that are geared toward missions designed for fleets, and multiplayer teams in general. Here are some suggestions:

[1] Ability to restrict missions to fleets that your non-Foundry toons are in. (Note that the Foundry editor already can see how much dilithium your non-Foundry toons have, for purposes of buying additional mission slots, so it should not take much doing to make their fleet memberships visible to the editor as well.) Fleet-restricted missions (FRMs) would be listed and accepted from your fleet window or aboard the fleet starbase instead of the Foundry mission list, and their "door" would always be the fleet starbase.

[1a] A fast-track review process for FRMs. Once your mission is published anyone in your fleet can play it, but it will not be eligible for rewards until it reaches the five-review mark.

[1b] FRM rewards would be in fleet marks and dilithium. To discourage abuse, even after five reviews a restricted fleet mission would only be eligible for regular rewards once per toon per day. You could play it more than once within 24 hours, but repeat plays would yield significantly reduced rewards (say, fleet marks but no dilithium).

[2] Fleet name tags in dialog (which would default to "Starfleet Command" or "Klingon/Romulan High Command" for players not in a fleet)

[3] A "team mode" on space map previews that would spawn additional allied ships to simulate live teammates, as well as spawning full enemy mobs instead of the 1-2 ships per mob that typically spawn against a solo player.

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* have your Fleet mates become "Reviewers"

Serves 2 purposes A} never have to let "anyone" know start location,

B} They can Help test and or play it as soon as published.

C] {not having to wait for reviewers to try playing it.}

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04-01-2013, 09:00 AM
* have your Fleet mates become "Reviewers"

Serves 2 purposes A} never have to let "anyone" know start location,

B} They can Help test and or play it as soon as published.

C] {not having to wait for reviewers to try playing it.}
Those are the options that authors can pursue now. But I think added support for making Foundry missions for your fleet would be a good thing. It could be as simple as an added tab on the menu that shows you all missions made by members of your fleet or as complex as what paxfederatica suggested.

One thing we absolutely need though is the fleet starbase interior and space maps as well as the embassy map. Or at the very least they should hook up some doors so that we can make missions start from the starbase/embassy.
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