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i LOVE the new UI

it looks awesome, at least on FED side (did not try KDF yet)

The Foundry List and DOff List do not produce Framerate drops any longer HOORAY finally some optimizations here!

---ok enough new shiny hooray, lets get to the bugs.

since i only get Errors when trying to submit bug reports,
(see chat window)
and i don't want to open 10 Threads in this Forum, this laundry list will have to do.


User Interface Icon Size Holodeck vs. Tribble

the icons lost 3 Pixels in size horizontal and vertical.
this directly impacts gameplay, they are now harder to hit with the mouse.
please bring the 3 pixels back.

this is with the default UI size of 100%

please keep the size that they are on Holodeck.


Mouse Button 4 + 5 are NOT WORKING

the keybinds are intact, can be made in new places, but my Logitech G700 will not use Mouse Button 4 + 5.

This is working on Holodeck.

Most of us have better than a 3 Button mouse, make sure this gets fixed please.


D3D11 problem, this was very odd:

GTX 460, latest nvidia drivers from 2 or 3 days ago.

i usually play with D3D9, so i just tried D3D11 again on Tribble... everything looked and worked fine while i was walking around ESD.
Then i beam up to the "SOL" System Map.
And BOOM, i have 25% CPU load (quadcore, so one *core* is maxed out) and 0% GPU load = 1 frame per minute or so.

Then the client crashed...
Then the bug reporting tool closed on its own...
Reloaded Tribble, already in the loading screen i noticed the GPU load and Framerate both dropping to 0 again.
I managed to click my way through this Power Point presentation and finally clicked on D3D9 and INSTANTLY the GPU load shoots back up to 57% and i got my 60FPS back.

...this was odd and i have no idea what is going on here, all i know i will not touch the D3D11 button anytime soon again.


Chat Options: "Active / Inactive Window opacity"

On Holodeck this option responds instantly when i move the slider.
On Tribble it does not react until i have saved and press ESC twice to *restart* the UI, then it takes a few seconds and the Chat window "opacity" fades to the new set level.


general Feedback: Can we please have this opactiy option for ALL windows, not just the chat window?
The Black background in the LCARS Federation UI would be nicer if it was more transparent (60% - 80% looks good imho).


PvE Queue Window:

- EDC is still listed in the rewards, remove it please, it does not exist anymore.
- The filters by default have all filters tagged, so if i want to filter for Omega Marks, i have to deselect everything else, if i want to filter for Elite dificulty i have to remove Normal and Advanced.... plz invert this selection, if i want to filter for Elite + Omega Marks + Space, that should be 3 clicks, not 10.


pinned windows from DOff UI (Assignment Summery)

top right:

the pinned window from the DOff UI is now just a huge black box on the screen.
add some LCARS graphics to it and add some (optional) transparency to it please.


Earth Space Dock -> Earth is blurry and weird Boxes in Space (D3D9 + 11 !)

World Texture Quality 100%

World Texture Quality 200%

this is the FIRST time in 3 years that i have seen this slider do any difference at all

this needs fixing,
would be a real bad first impression of STO if new Players join after the May Update and see this after the Tutorial


D3D11: Pixel Shader compliation warning...

look at the line at the bottom:

i have no idea what this is, but it showed up after i set Tribble to use D3D11


Tailor Screen ESD

i was a bit surprised that there were no updates to the Tailor Screen,
there are certainly updates to the Character Creator, i thought the same new stuff would be used here?

Anyway the problem that i have is that the Tailor has very bad lighting, it is DARK, i can't see the colors right.... do something about that please.

Since all the C-Store items are not bought / available on Tribble i can't really do any proper testing about functionality of the options inside the Tailor UI like that. But i guess nothing has changed here anyway. Like the missing KDF STF Be'eves versions or Trill not having Visor options for 3 years and counting...


Chat Window

- minimizing the chat window

bottom left corner:

#1 the icon looks silly, please bring back the FED / KDF Symbol for this?

#2 the minimized icon does not stay where i move it, i want it in the bottom right corner, like always, but it always defaults back to the bottom LEFT corner.

...i don't need to say that the chat window is genrally broken, can't type in anything else but Zone Chat... that should be obvious and known by now.


HUD options: "On Mouse Over" is BROKEN

this bug is now in the game since Season 7 and it has not been fixed.

as soon as i change just one setting in the HUD options and save ALL selected Mouse Overs are gone and can not be brought back.

The only reason i am still able to play STO is because i have saved my UI before Season 7, if i LOAD UI my old settings are restored, but i can not change anything or it breakes all Mouse Overs.

This one is really pissing me off.
Because i remember i reported it in a previous Season (Season 5 or 6) when the exact same Bug happened, and with Season 7 it reappeared and no amount of bug reporting and sending Tweets to Brandon or @EQAH is resolving this issue... and even with the may update it still is here...

I NEED my Mouse Overs back!
I NEED my Mouse Buttons 4 + 5 to function!

New Shiny UI is nice... but the game becomes more and more unplayable with every Season Update, i really got a problem with that.


... i think that was all from my last half hour on Tribble

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03-29-2013, 08:02 AM
Im glad mouse over and mouse button 4 and 5 arnt just broke for me but for others as well. Hope this gets fixed. Im still a bit miffed that they broke mouse over for when in combat in space in last season or the season before that i duno exactly which it was.
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03-29-2013, 08:33 AM

Bridge Officer Popup:

looks cool...

but why is my Bridge Officer, that is sitting on MY Bridge, talking to me through a Galaxy Class Viewscreen? (i'm on a Jem'Hadat ship... we do not have Viewscreens on those at all... lol)

idea good!
implementation... could be more complex.


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