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Serenity Wings fleet wants YOU


We are a newly formed fleet of pioneers, building a bright future for those who enjoy science, friendship and exploring the galaxy. We have undertaken biology projects on different worlds, astronomy projects in the Tau Dewa block, and will be putting together an archaeological mission to different ruins on New Romulus. Creativity is something which we are not short one. :-) As the newly formed Science Wing of the New Romulan Republic, we are often called upon by Fleet Command to investigate newly discovered scientific "potentials" that may develop into something of significant value to our Colony. Here at Serenity Wings.. we have the dream, but we need more people to help make that into a reality. Our current primary construction focus is establishing a definitive presence in orbit with the building of our spacestation, that is now 65% complete and nearing 100% each week. If you are a kindred spirit and want to make a real impact on a growing fleet in a meaningful manner in joining our family, then we gladly welcome you aboard.


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Join Date: Nov 2013
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02-01-2014, 08:04 AM
We will be having our next fleet meeting.. Saturday, February 8th at 9am (Eastern Standard Time, USA) at the Federation Embassy on New Romulus. If you are interested in sitting in and learning more about us as we attend to the details of running the fleet. You are welcome to in-game mail me and we will provide you with a warm invite to join us. We feel, that there are usually more than one path to a desired destination. And that each person can significantly enrich the journey in the ideas and thoughts that they might wish to share.

We will look forward to making your acquaintance.

contact me @quintoneasttn
Include "Invitation to Meeting" in your subject line

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02-16-2014, 07:55 PM
We're a fleet of explorers who enjoy seeking after knowledge in learning more about the present, hoping for the future, and solving mysteries of the past. We just finished solving a major mystery underneath Vulcan. Screenshot below.


By using real-world science techniques, and bouncing ideas off one another as to the probable purpose of this huge construct. We were able to ascertain it's likely purpose and later confirmed that hypothesis from a shuttle. If you have a mystery to solve, we're the science fleet for the job.

Join Serenity Wings
Join Date: Nov 2013
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02-22-2014, 01:13 AM
It's a very old Bajoran Proverb which says that old familiar things are born anew simply by changing your viewpoint. This hope, drives each new generation of explorers. To make anew, the old familiar world they were born into. The following, is a gift for you on how I see New Romulus, an old world.. born anew.



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