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# 1 Cryptic Downloader On Day 3
01-13-2010, 02:02 PM
This is the worst beta experience I have ever suffered under and I have tested since the days of Ultima Online. And this statement is just based on trying to obtain the client!

First, GameStop screwed up in their usual fashion and sent one beta key instead of the two we should have received. My wife started downloading the client from Cryptic on Monday and she is still not finished with it. On a decent broadband connection no less.

Last night GameStop finally coughed up the second key we should have received but it doesn't really matter when Cryptic is so unprofessional as to not have a reasonable method for their preorder customers to download the client in a reasonable time.

Overall this is making me think about cancelling my households orders- not even being able to get into the open beta after three days of downloading is not a great way to promote customer confidence.

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