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# 1 more bugs
03-30-2013, 01:00 AM
now i get new ship at lv 40
start switching items like quantum torps only to find every time i put a quantum torp in my inventory it vanishes OF course i thought not to complain and would use refined dil to get one and it too vanishes and now im out my refined dil

i cant play now cause i cant load out my ship
there you go DONE....
spent 50$ earlier on game and now im screwed out of all the rest
not gonna bother playing no more for a while ill be back in a month or two see if you get your act together.
and your welcome for all my god damn money soon as i started spending money the game went to ****.

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# 2
03-30-2013, 02:40 AM
good riddance and please don't bother coming back.
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# 3
03-30-2013, 04:15 AM
Originally Posted by polie05 View Post
good riddance and please don't bother coming back.
well that's a clever reply to his post NOT , why post such an idiotic reply as it makes you look a moron tbh
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# 4
03-30-2013, 08:52 AM
and dare i say it with no soluton and no help why the hell wold anyone try and play this game get ripped off .....
better off keeping the 500 bucks i spent and ...ya good riddance indeed without paying players POOF
and this is one they just lost.

The lesson here is Do not spend money on this game and don't bother trying ot tell them what is wrong see 1st response for what i mean.

A) had a fleet member get shot in face due to racism.
B) all this lag and lack of playability
C) this now .....i've invested a lot and i want it verified as fixed before i touch the game and play it.

[System] [TicketCreated] Successfully submitted ticket ID #1,535,773.

I think for the 500 bucks i spent you can afford to take someone from you oh so busy lives and fix this.
It's not like i am not putting food on your table or something.....
-----went back to shipyard and oddly a the 1st quantum i lost is back so i gambled to move it and it works as it should but im still out one i bought for 7600 refined dil....anyways im gonna take time off i'm totally stressed out and that is not why i play a game to get more stress.

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# 5
03-30-2013, 06:25 PM
Not wanting to sound like a tool here.

I feel your pain on issues in the game.
What I will ask though is. Are you sure it wasnt the dreaded ESD lag? Ive had it where it has taken anything up to 10 minutes for removed items from a ship to appear in the inventory and vice versa.
Yet buy something from the dil store, its there straight away, move it and it lags.

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