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# 1 Buying New Consoles
06-12-2013, 05:15 PM
1. I was thinking about the seeming randomness of the Console slots on a ship. It got me thinking about how to make my ship better. Then I started thinking about how there are a few things we can Respec in-game. So, then I thought, "Why not Respec our Consoles?"
Why not have a C-Store Respec Token that lets you move your console slots on ONE ship around yet keeping the number of slots to 10?
So I would buy a Console Respec Token for...say, 1,000 Zen, and use it on my Wells Temporal Science Vessel. I currently have 3 Engineering, 4 Science, and 3 Tactical Consoles. But now, thanks to my Respec Token, I have 3 Engineering, 5 Science, and 2 Tactical Consoles!
This Respec Token would allow customization of ship and it would bring in more funds to be used for bettering the game down the road. People would need to buy a Respec Token for each ship they want to use in order to adjust it for whatever type of game-play they want to do.
2. Another idea that struck me, that seems to be way more impractical but I felt it still needed to be said, was: What if we could buy from the C-Store and extra Console Slot. Not to exceed three (3) per ship, with console slots not to exceed five (5) per department.
This would mean that if I bought a Universal Console Slot for, say 5,000 Zen each, I could put them all on my Wells Temporal Science Vessel. Instead of having 3 Engineering, 4 Science, and 3 Tactical, I could have 5 Engineering, 5 Science, and 3 Tactical. But to buy all three Universal Console Slots it would cost me 15,000 Zen or $150.
Yes, this would mean some REALLY powerful ships and that is something you may not want, so the other option would be...
2-a: That you can only purchase one Universal Console Slot for each ship----OR
2-b: The Universal Console Slot is ONLY for Universal Consoles----OR
2-c: It is only for Universal Consoles AND you can only have ONE per ship AND it cannot be moved! For instance: Say you bought a Universal Console Slot and put it in your Wells Temporal Science Vessel in the Tactical Slots. This would mean you now have 3 Engineering, 4 Science, and 3 Tactical with a 4th Tactical Slot for Universal Consoles only.
Then, let's say you bought a Console Respec Token and wanted to move slots into your Tactical area. But you can only move ONE slot down as the Universal Slot takes up the 5th console slot and it cannot be moved. This means that in whatever department, say Tactical, you place your Universal Slot you cannot have more than 4 Tactical slots as the Universal takes the 5th spot.
Since you added Warp Cores and Singularity Cores and since some ships have a Hangar, I didn't think it would be too hard to be able to add in an additional slot or two...provided someone is paying for this extra work on your part...hence why I suggest you charge so much for it.
Based on how many players love to play PvP, I have a feeling these ideas could be a great financial boon to you Cryptic folks.
Good luck and thanks for an awesome game!
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06-12-2013, 05:20 PM
It's a great idea, but won't work.

First it would require a complete rebuild on ships and the mechanism that supports them. Not a viable investment for Cryptic.

Second, it would create monster ships. Why get a tac, when you could get a science hull that supports a shield modifier 3x greater than a tac?

Balance in the game is tough enough with the various factions, both real (pvp) and game (fed, KDF).

Great idea, just not workable in the actual game.
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# 3
06-12-2013, 05:30 PM
This would annihilate the existing metagame. Sorry, the only time you would see this is in a sequel as it is requires a complete reworking of the build mechanics.
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