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# 11
04-01-2013, 10:09 PM
I have a thread here requesting better benefits from the other EPTX skills.

Please drop by and support it.

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# 12
04-02-2013, 02:10 PM
Originally Posted by darkfader1988 View Post
True, but you and me both know 5 secs is way too short of a timespan for most players.

EptW should equal EptS, meaning full dmg buff duration for 30 sec that would equal (Or getting close to) 18 - 30% SDR including diminishing effects.

Same story for the othr two EptX's

That might finally get rid of the 125/50/25/25 mentality as well, and givin more dynamic to that.
hey i agree it should bePAR with othr emptx, this change is far from balanced vs emps...... but hey works for me!

bop ftw
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# 13
04-02-2013, 02:21 PM
There are three EPtX that have a 5s bonus. One that has a 30s bonus.

The suggestion appears to be to give the other three a 30s bonus.

Why not make the one only have a 5s bonus instead?

Rather than bring the other three in line with it (power creep/mudflation) - bring that one in line with the others.

Yep, nerf EPtS so that the SDR buff is only 5s.
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# 14
04-02-2013, 02:39 PM
I like the idea of nerfing epts.... the main issue I have with that fix is this.

It would then force me to do major grinding on all my toons cause there would be no living with out both tier 4 shield rep bonuses.

This is one case where I think it would be better to buff the junk then nerf the skill the game is balanced on. In most cases I am always for the nerf instead of adding more creep... but with out major nerfs to other things I don't see how they back track on shields now.

a 30s bonus to all the other skills would be a good idea imo... the way the globals work would be a good balance in itself... right now everyone uses them to keep there EPTS up all the time... however if weapons was attractive enough people might choose to either run doff builds to keep it up and take a chance of a non proc leaving them open... or they might even choose to just leave a 15s gap to gain the bonus from eptw.

I would say EPTE and EPTA could also use 30s bonuses... and even better buffs.

What if EPT Engines... gave a Flat (not rcs % style) buff to turn rate. Setup in such a way that cruisers could in fact turn for 30s with it ? Do you think people would squeeze that in instead of a second epts ?

What if EPT Aux... gave a Bonus to offensive Sci Skills for 30s ? Do you think a few sci ships might find a place for it ?

I think EPTS is far to good its true... still I think a nerf would be game breaking at this point with all the power creep. Why not just creep the other eptx and at least force a game of globals and buff counting.
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# 15
04-02-2013, 03:16 PM
But is the game balanced around that 30s from EPtS or is the game imbalanced around that 30s from EPtS?

Because not only are they getting that +18% boost from EPtS1 - they're also getting the boost based on their EPS skill and how much additional shield power they're getting out of it.

With 99 EPS, they're running around with 23% SDR (not counting anything else they might have). So with 2x EPtS1 or with DCE DOFFs EPtS1/EPtX1...outside of a SNB, they're running around with that 23% SDR (not counting anything else).

Which plays a role in both the Escorts being complained about as too tanky and the general scenario of needing SNB to kill something.

Heck, it's turned it into somewhat of a utility ability for spacebar fodder. If it were only 5s of that +18%, then EPtS1 would require more skilled play - more thought about when to use it - rather than just spamming it. It would be Emergency Power to Shields rather than Non-Emergency Power to Shields that it is.

Would it make certain ships squishier? Yep. They'd need to rely more on teammates or changing their build in some fashion to offset that somewhat new found fragility. The ships that are not meant to be as squishy, well - those are the ships that could utilize additional BOFF abilities to offset some of the loss from the changes to EPtS. They're also the ships that do less damage, so they should be tankier than the damage ships.

It might be even be some sort of compromise of sorts:

EPtX1 - 5s/10s
EPtX2 - 10s/20s
EPtX3 - 15s/30s

Heck, maybe they could take a look at DOFFs for increasing that duration of the EPtX abilities.

Boosting EPtW - will benefit which Captains and which Ships the most?
Even boosting EPtE/EPtA would still generally result in a greater boost to that pairing than any of the others.

Every little piece of power creep - each little bit of mudlfation - only increases that gap between that pairing and the rest.

Personally, I'm getting tired of all the complaints/arguments about nerfing that particular pairing - they're fine (they could probably even do with a boost) - it's everything else that has the balance in the game so horribly screwed up, imho.

TBH, I don't have much faith in Cryptic here. Think about the Tric Mines. What was everybody saying was the problem? Chain crits and potential lack of self-splash compared to Tric Torps? What did they do? They nerfed Trics. What are they planning to do this Thursday? Do away with the chain crits and add self-splash. So that will further nerf them. We'll never know if they would have been fine with just what they're planning to do this Thursday.

I see the same thing with that pairing - it's everything that keeps getting added to the game and the way it interacts with that pairing which is the problem...not the pairing itself.

I'd rather they started taking a look at everything else now...rather than deciding somewhere down the road to give into the complaints to nerf that pairing - and then later - also go ahead and take a look at everything else...tada, the double nerf again.
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# 16
04-02-2013, 03:23 PM
Hey with the roms coming I'm all game to just nerf epts.

Not like I run a copy on my bop... and I doubt I'll have one on my BCing rom ship. I'm all for squishier wales.

I don't think the average players are going to let Cryptic really nerf epts... so at least if they make the others an option in pvp it might make things interesting. Instead of subnuke nirvana in FvF... and decloak gank when the tac team is down for the win FvK.

Your right though regardless I'm sure Cryptic will choose the wrong way for a long time before getting it right and having versions all over that would work.

I think if Cryptic had kept good notes all along... they could have pulled various versions of multiple skills that have existed at one time or another and have almost a perfect game. They just never get things right at the same time. lol
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# 17
04-02-2013, 03:39 PM
Also, keep in mind when the modifier from EPtW is calculated. It's an end modifier.

(Weapon Base, Mark, Rarity, Consoles, Sets, Mods) = ModBaseDmg1

ModBaseDmg1 * Weapon Power = ModBaseDmg2

ModBaseDmg2 + (ModBaseDmg2 * APA) + (ModBaseDmg2 * APO) + (ModBaseDmg2 * GDF) + (ModBaseDmg2 * TacFleet) = ModBaseDmg3

ModBaseDmg3 * (1 + EPtW) = Damage

Do you really want folks flying around with DCE DOFF'd EPtS1/EPtW1 with pretty good uptime - if not full uptime on both? What if somebody did EPtS1/EPtW2 with it?

Then look at the Tac in the Escort with DHCs and what the increase would be.
Then look at the Eng/Sci in the Cruiser/Science with Beams and what the increase would be.

That gap just keeps getting bigger.

It's kind of along the lines that Cryptic recently came to the conclusion with the Sub BOFFs that a % simply didn't work. So they made it a flat bonus. How long before they would look at that buffed EPtW and think the same thing? Or would they?

They appear more than happy to continue allowing that gap to grow.
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# 18
04-02-2013, 03:43 PM
agree as well. Like what in the world is wrong with empte actually increasing the entire ships power more often? That would be awesome on a phaser based defiant. It would increase both the damage and flight speed as well as the power to the whole system.

I'd also like to see these abilities remove disables because it rarely happens when they do on my ship and on every toon i have i have specced for these abilities to be enhanced and specced properly into the power systems on my trait lines but somehow when I'm disabled by an npc ship or a boarding party hits or a subsystem targeting hits or tyken's rift is used these powers are all but useless, they are supposed to bring those subsystems back online I thought to tooltip did say so what gives?
MMO's of 2014 where normal gameplay is considered an exploit and the eastern billing model is celebrated by apologists. smh
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# 19
04-02-2013, 03:55 PM
Hrmm, I'll say never mind anything I've said at this point - having read the latest Tribble notes: http://sto-forum.perfectworld.com/sh...d.php?t=605491
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# 20
04-02-2013, 04:05 PM
The warp core stuff seems cool. Just have to say it though... where these jokers not saying we had to many ways to increase system power like 3 months ago?

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