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04-13-2013, 05:56 PM
Its good to hear from you Pheo and thanks for invalidating my claim (^_^)

I have no problem arguing on a forum in an intellectual capacity to name cons and pros of a certain game mechanic, namely on this thread that buffing eptw to benefit bops while nerfing epts to bereft cruisers/ healers / tanks can cause some imbalances and create some outcries from the community at large.

However this forum went off topic and the vibe I got from many people here is that I am not welcome to participate in this thread because I am not fit to be in the presence of 'some of the best pvp players'. Taking so far as to be critical of my build and game play in pvp matches is side-stepping the issue of this underlying thread which is that there will be some imbalances to the game if S8 changes continue down the path they are going.

I congratulate Mt Lolly and several players who are notably known for being bop 1-shot killers for burying my intuitive arguments in this thread under crushing spam of my 'poor zombie build' and I congratulate you all on succeeding in convincing the cryptic team to buff eptw and nerf epts despite the rift it will create in this game.

What some here don't realise is that I am a player just like any other...treat each player with respect because they are what is keeping this game running. If players start leaving in droves, then Star Trek Online is much closer to shutting down for good!

Treat everyone with respect and understand their viewpoints!

I won't say any more in this thread


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