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Game has disabled multi-core rendering, claiming my dual core CPU does not support it.

Upon using the command line provided by Zeronius, I was able to access Tribble, only to find massive amounts of UI slowdown greeting me. Disabling the UI resulted in a normal framerate.

After poring over the GFX card, prefs file, and the video settings, I checked troubleshooting and discovered that multi-core rendering was disabled and greyed out, the mouseover text claimed my CPU didn't support it.

However, on Holodeck Multi-Core rendering is enabled and works fine.

I have tried multiple times to send a bug report from Tribble but it fails to connect each time. So I had to send one from Holodeck, ticket ID #1,536,178. Hopefully someone will see this.
Join Date: Jun 2012
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04-04-2013, 11:56 PM
Game has still disabled multi-core rendering, claiming my dual core CPU does not support it.

Dove into the gameprefs and found that unsupported is false, so its not my CPU.

Manually entered in the correct number of cores in the gameprefs, no dice.

Manually entered the number of cores in MSCONFIG, game still does not recognize the dual cores.

Deleted the gameprefs in the hopes of forcing the game to autodetect the dual cores when creating a new prefs file. Nothing.

I have also tried setting the affinity manually using the task manager, but even with the affinity set to both cores, the test server still runs as if it was only pulling from one.

Holodeck on the other hand is fine. Multicore Rendering on holodeck works like a charm.

Genuinely stumped on this one. As an aside, the status of submitted tickets aren't displaying, either.
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# 3
04-05-2013, 01:13 AM
Any kind of system specs, the more detailed the better, would really help give an idea if it may be hardware related or software related. Especially considering the issue you are having.
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04-05-2013, 03:23 AM
Again the build on Holodeck works fine, Multicore Rendering is enabled no problem. On Holodeck, STO can tell that I have a multi-core CPU. The Tribble build will not even recognize my multi-core CPU as a multi-core CPU. And the gameprefs.pref entry reads:

"PrefEntry SystemSpecs.isUnsupportedSpecs 0"

So my hardware is supported, as "isUnsupportedSpecs" is false.

I've been working on this since the new UI build was first put on Tribble, and pulled an all-nighter or two. I'm pretty confident at this point that it's not a hardware issue. Something is borked.

However if it helps, the OS and CPU are:

Windows XP Media Center SP3 with an Intel Pentium D Dual Core CPU running at 2.66GHz per core.
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# 5
04-07-2013, 09:18 PM
Yea,I am having the same problem on tribble with my laptop,it has a Intel Cpu dual core at 2.1 gighz,with Windows XP SP3,and yea,it works fine on holodeck,but the second i hop on tribble,multi core rendering is disabled and it makes the game unplayable.
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# 6
04-07-2013, 10:58 PM
Hmm you both have XP, I wonder if its something to do with Direct3D9/11 being changed somehow in the tribble build since XP does not support 11, although I am not sure if the game uses multicore for stuff other than multicore rendering which it probably does, but it still may somehow be affected by XP, just a wild guess though.

Starfleet M.A.C.O. KDF Honour Guard
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# 7
04-08-2013, 06:50 AM
I can confirm that this problem does not affect Redshirt, I patched it over the weekend and Multi-Core rendering works fine. It seems to be something specifically wrong with Tribble.

I'll send a new report and edit the ticket number below later today when I have time to log in.

Tribble ticket sent: Ticket ID is #34,938

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# 8
04-17-2013, 03:28 AM
Another week another report: ticket ID #35,261

I'm starting to get worried about this. This is a big bug and has not even been listed in the TRIBBLE patch notes since Devs were notified. Guys, dual core XP machines are well-used workhorses, XP Media Center is a common flavor of XP, this WILL affect more than a few people when this goes live. Please fix this.
Cryptic Studios Team
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# 9
04-29-2013, 05:55 PM
Afternoon everyone,

It is strange that multi-core rendering is disabled. Would you please post (or send via PM) your complete GamePrefs file? I specifically want to see the values of these entries:

PrefEntry SystemSpecs.numRealCPUs 4

PrefEntry SystemSpecs.numVirtualCPUs 8

The option will be disabled if your OS reports less-than two virtual CPUs (the virtual CPUs typically indicates how many hyper-threads per core the processor supports). It's possible the test has broken under WinXP on newer builds, and I'll check out the code.

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# 10
04-29-2013, 06:16 PM
Deleted TRIBBLE earlier today to get some much needed disk space back, re-patching now. I'm asking someone whom I've been testing this issue with to send you his gameprefs in the meantime.

Since my last post in this topic we've been testing this issue and have heard from multiple others across various versions of XP who are affected.

However, up until recently everyone was experiencing this on dual core PCs, so I asked InputEnd to test Tribble on XP using a quad core PC he had. Today he reported back that he's experiencing the same issue on a quad core PC.


Looks like Input's not going to have access to his stuff until next weekend, so I'll PM you the prefs text ASAP. Wasn't sleepin' tonight anyway because of Defiance.


Having bad patching issues, apparently they're going around. Going to keep trying.

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