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# 1 Subsystem power settings
05-16-2013, 05:53 AM
In the patch on tribble on may 15th this was a change made:

The minimum power level of any subsystem has been reduced to 15.

i tested it straight away and can confirm its for FED's and not just romy ship only.
personally i think its a great idea i love tinkering with subsystem settings to gain the most out of my ship and i think this will go someway to aid the endeavor.


i still dont think its enough, i really think due to the way in which bonus power is calculated we should have MUCH more control over our settings rather than the +5 -5 we have at the moment, maybe without a better UI we could not expect +1 -1 i think that +3 -3 would be fair and allow us a little more customization, as its so annoying that we might get our weapon power to 124 and HAVE to spend 5 more power, 4 of which cant be used, OR waste zen retraining skills to get that extra 1 point or lose 4 points.

has this question been raised before? if so what was the outcome?

if it hasn't and due to new ui changes in LOR could it not be possible?

what do you guys think?
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