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04-02-2013, 11:23 AM
Yes, the 18% number needs to be seriously retired.

Originally Posted by fraghul2000 View Post
Furthermore, Cryptic would simply be stupid to release exact and detailed numbers and statistics about their playerbase and reveal their method of data collection, simply because an angry, 1-person forum mob demands it. Doing so would just make their competitors very, very happy.
Cause that'd be madness!
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04-02-2013, 02:11 PM
Percentages don't matter as much as the raw number of actual Klingon captains. Don't forget that the game pop has grown twofold, if not more, since F2p, so an 18% today could correspond to a hell of lot more players than the 18% did a few years ago.
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04-02-2013, 02:30 PM
Proud to be getting 16% of the effort/content.

Or is that not what Dsthal meant?

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04-02-2013, 03:48 PM
Originally Posted by squishkin View Post
Given that this is perhaps the second most trivial statistic with regard to player profitability out there, do you really think they haven't considered it?
It's not that they haven't considered it. It's just incompetence.

I'll lay it out real simple.

They release STO as a 2-faction game with 1 being woefully unfinished. For the entire history of STO being live, they have never made the two factions equal in ground/space options, uniforms, nor even faction unique storylines. For 3 years, the KDF, having received some attention, are still nowhere near the same ballpark as the Federation.

They release a 2-faction game and never made it a truly 2-faction game. With the Romulans in a few months, the poor fools can't even fight together as Romulans, but instead will be blowing each other up as proxies to their rivals. The Romulans will be in the end, sort of in a worse state than the KDF were when STO released. The Romulans aren't an independent faction like the KDF is. They will be a subfaction to both the Federation and Klingons.
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04-02-2013, 03:59 PM
Trust me when I say this....

Sure I hate the fact we have been screwed.. even the Bortasqu' was just a folating pile of junk compared to the oddyssey.

But this 18% thing... being circumstances what they are might be accurate. I mean think about it... Queues are NEVER open... FEDs get INSTANT pvp and Queues, KDF NEVER has any map w/ more than 5 KDF.... First City and Academy has maybe 1..2..3 instances? FEDs have 30+ intances for BOTH?

KDF lags less. FED lag more... probally cuase of players

But seriously I cant really say. I never go on FEDs and I even deleted my lvl 25 fed cause I hated it.... and therefore though I could have 2 KDFs.. (Wrong lol) so now I have 1 FED (8) and 5 KDF Captians (21) (23) (50)x3. So idk if true but they really should not use size as an excuse... cause they do that YET forget the matter "WHY"

WHY=Content+Nothing=Less People?
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04-02-2013, 04:17 PM
18% of those who exclusively play the KDF perhaps but I bet he isn't counting those who play both factions equally or regularly.

But I agree 18% is outdated and needs a revise, but why put more development if it is only 18%? I think the number % is a road of rubbish, Cryptic's game industry own politics at work.
Originally Posted by macronius View Post
Cryptic is sloppy. Breaking News at 11. This is what happens when there is no outline or plan and you just make up **** as you go along.
Originally Posted by shredder75 View Post
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04-02-2013, 04:22 PM
This is like Christmas at my in-laws. No one is happy. There is a new thread about how the Feds aren't getting anything with the release of LoR.

I'm with Roach - own it.

Also, realize that every time Cryptic adds something to the game, it benefits all players in some form or fashion.
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04-02-2013, 04:25 PM
Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post

This is how it most likely works.

Crytpic/PWE have metrics, of how many players are playing what side.

How many ships are purchased of what faction and at what tier.

Those metrics are looked at, and then the amount of artist and developer time that must be invested ($$$ spent) is weighed against the potential return on that investment.

They also probably look at past sales history for trends at what might be a better sale.

And then a business decision is made, and a project is given a green light.

If there was money to be made KDF side right now by making new KDF ships with new art - they would be making KDF ships with new art.

This is not a company that is avoiding trying to make a profit.

On the other hand, they are clearly risk averse (as most companies are), and they are not taking chances on long shots with low payout potential.

So in order to alleviate this, we get cross faction content, cross faction lockbox ships, cross faction lobi items, cross faction (cloned) doffs with the same powers.

This is content sold to the player base as a whole, and doesn't require taking an inordinate risk on any particular project.
This is what business is all about.

Creating new content is time consuming and cost a lot of money (you need scripts, art, and programmer's time) What is the pay out? what is the return?

Lockboxes (cross faction) is easier to churn out and make money (notice a large amount of zen being bought and sold)

The Romulan expansion is a hope to infuse more players, but to play it safe this new faction can be its own faction, Klingon OR feds.

If there WERE more KDF players, we would see more KDF ships and equipment.
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04-02-2013, 05:30 PM
My intentions weren't to start a feud here. I was curious if anyone had heard of any new quotes on percentages because it seems, I stress seems, that there are more on the KDF side than what there used to be.

If this is the case then it indicates that with more to do over on the red side that it has attracted more people which is a good thing, both for Cryptic and the KDF fan base.

I don't like dredging up old arguments but there were a couple posts on here that beg for a reply. 1st off the KDF has been hamstrung from the get go so any numbers they can quote are illegitimate because you can't really gauge how well that faction will do compared to another faction who has plenty of content. Content makes the faction, it's the key to how well it will be received and dictates how many players it will have. If you reversed the roles/situations of both factions in this game does anyone truly believe the blue side would be in any better shape?

Secondly if the folks who play the KDF show a trend of staying with that faction and continuing to play it then it says the KDF is worth investing in. Because retention is just as important as overall numbers.

Thirdly a straight head count doesn't factor in all the variables such as retention, time spent on faction, etc. So the percentage doesn't prove anything especially when one faction has been hobbled while the other has been encouraged to grow with loads of content and is a gateway for creating a character on the other side. Hopefully this new season will remove the rope tying the KDF's legs together.

And lastly let's take Roach's advise and just own the moniker and be proud to be the 12, 16, 18 or whatever percentage that plays the KDF.
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04-02-2013, 05:41 PM
The only thing that counts is sales - so if you don't have every KDF ship - in the next sale pick up 3 or 5.

Those are the only metrics they care about.

As it goes they(so far) are backward looking - rather than put out a really good new C-store ship and see how it sells - they wait to see how many more of the existing ships sell - then use that lack of sales to justify the waiting on putting out a new ship.

And the cycle continues.

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