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04-04-2013, 09:15 AM
Originally Posted by snoggymack22 View Post
Going by what details Cryptic has released, that's not how it's happening. They say they lose money on KDF C-Store items. And they say that they have made a lot of money on Fed C-Store items. They did admit to poor sales for the Reagent. But things like the NX and the Oberth and the Akira carrier and the super Defiant, and my god the Excelsior, made a killing for them. The Kumari seems to be raking in the zen.

They don't seem to have any success stories from the KDF side though.

So I'd leave the round number hypotheticals alone and just focus on what the company is actually saying. The KDF, they say, doesn't get a lot of C-Store items because they lose money on them. That's bad, from their point of view.

And probably one of the primary reasons the Romulan faction is being implemented not as a separate faction, but one players get to CHOOSE a side for. So that the 80% of the norm can maintain while enjoying something new.
2 years down the line and the KDF players are still being held hostage to metrics never released by Cryptic save for the word of devs that in multiple public forums have displayed their personal preferences for Starfleet, and sometimes animosity towards the KDF.

It's also very difficult to refute that argument when during that period there is no C-Store ships available to KDF players worth the purchase. "KDF sales just don't justify the investment." News flash - there are none.
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Originally Posted by howiedizzle View Post
There's some pro trolling going on in here... It has to be that, no one is THIS stupid...
If the KDF always got specifically designed KDF content everytime we where released said content I could understand the OP complaint as it meant resources where used to make said content, yet so far the KDF content in May appears to be standard Cryptic sloppy paste.
Hardly content to be jealous of if one plays feds.
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Originally Posted by howiedizzle View Post
There's some pro trolling going on in here... It has to be that, no one is THIS stupid...
Beware, the truly stupid are not to be underestimated. But I'm pretty sure it is a troll, and with the amount of feeding going on in here they'd need to join weight-watchers asap.
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can't tell is OP is trolling or he just wants the wrath of Klingon players.
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That's an interesting thought

They gave the romulans a kling alliance to sell them old ships eh

It's a reporting error®

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