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04-03-2013, 12:25 PM
Originally Posted by zer0niusrex View Post
The way it's currently implemented it's per-computer--it's stored in the same file that graphics settings are in.
The way it currently works, if you use "Default", each character will see the default for that faction. So KDF see Klingon and Feds see Starfleet, etc. However, if you override it with a set color option, it will override the default for all characters on that computer. Changing this behavior is definitely not trivial.

And thanks to those pointing out the bug with our error message about the shard being locked. We don't see that from here at Cryptic.
you guys surely can make it save per character... ?
like the HUD options ?

(that are now broken for a full season, not letting me click anything without loosing all "On Mouse Over" options)
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04-03-2013, 02:00 PM
I'm not so keen on the new 'light beam' effect added to the character select screen. Seems out of place and an effect tacked on just for an effects sake. It also brings about terrible jaggies on the edges of characters even with AA enabled.

I like the new character creator, it looks great. Why not translate that over to the character select screen? It would look awesome to have my characters standing in the shipyard, with my current starship visible out the windows. It would also make a lot more sense than your characters floating in the middle of a strange red flare with a ship disproportionately hovering above them.

Also, not an issue or anything, but any way with the new UI changes and all would we be able to get the old small mouse cursors as an option besides the Standard and Large options? I never understood why that was never how it was approached in the first place.
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04-03-2013, 02:20 PM
Originally Posted by robdmc View Post
Since the RMC is sometimes considered to be a battery and it gives +25 to all 4 subsystems, Does that mean each of the 4 boosts will give +6.25 to each of the other power levels?

So +25 weapons gives +6.25 to Shields aux and eng While receiving +6.25 from each from their 25 boost for a total of 25 + 6.25 + 6.25 + 6.25 = 43.75 power boost in each category.
Looks like I was almost right in that guess. The EPS manifold trait gives a flat +10 from each sub-system for a total of +55 In each system. If you add the Exocomp maintenance engineer doff It increases to +60 to all Subsystems.

I know I am spec'ed into batters so the first +25 power lasts for about 30 Seconds. The other Bonus +35 power lasts for only about 20 seconds. When I set my power levels to balanced and only hit the rmc I get Max power in all subsystems for 20 seconds. Even If I set my engines to 56/25 it jumps to 116/25.

I think that is a bit much. I like it but I think it should just get +10 in each for +35 instead of getting 10 for each of the other subsystems that got boosted at the same time.
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04-03-2013, 03:05 PM
Originally Posted by wildweasal View Post
there is upgrade your OS
Originally Posted by mrkollins View Post

This might qualify for a episode on the TLC channel for the show " Extreme Cheapskates"
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04-03-2013, 03:15 PM
Originally Posted by zer0niusrex View Post
All pets you create have increased damage resistance and regeneration.
Can we have another traits for explosives based engineer ? I use the mines and bombs a lot, and this traits is useless for them.

For the UI, I would like to remove the black background behind the vital and the "interact" button. It's quite ugly.
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04-03-2013, 03:44 PM
I was hoping to give this a look but I keep getting Shard is locked...
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04-03-2013, 04:23 PM
A follow-up after further testing.

The balance is good. Everything is good about this patch. I enjoy the new features and I love the traits on every class.

After further tests over the last 24 hours I still think the only change that even needs to be considered is making the UI character based, so that we can save per character, not account.

Performance has not been an issue, and my system is a low end system which barely meets the specs for any game at all.
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04-03-2013, 04:26 PM
I'd like to see a separate slot for the impulse engines, especially since the current one is more specifically for the warp core now. I'd sure like to have a a warp core of one type and impulse engines of another type, all on the same ship. That would be awesome. Also another interesting idea would be to give us a slot for a security and/or deflector 'screen' that will modify the defense and security stats of the ship but are separate from shields (or the navigational deflector dish). But this second idea might be too much.
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04-03-2013, 04:41 PM
Originally Posted by firekeeperhu View Post
some questions to the devs:
will we be able to craft warp cores? (OFF more importantly, when will we be able to craft MK XII items? /OFF)
are there new deflector-engine-shield-warp core sets in plans, or any other set desin which features warp core?
are there unige warp cores planned? (MACO/HG/Omega/or-any-existing-unique-set warp cores, fleet warp cores,storyline-granted unique warp cores for example)

speculation coming in
you said in the first post, that FED/KDF players use matter-antimatter warp cores, which makes me think that romulans will use different cores (singularity cores i quess). will there be amy "universal" core in the game, what is usable by all factions? will the warbirds able to use matter-antimatter warp cores?
Romulan Warbirds cannot use M/A cores, that's in the tooltips for the cores themselves. I forget if it works the other way around, and I'd love to try a Singularity core out on my cruiser. But there may be limitations. You see the Romulan cores apparently have traits that synch up with Romulan specific traits or abilities. Plasma shockwave for instance.
Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
I just checked out the Dil store to see what warpcore types are available.
As it turns out, only the Fedside Dil Store has warpcores, the KDF one is missing them entirely...

Like the new UI options, even though I think it would have been much better if this were a per-character option.

The TNG UI has a little problem with contrast: buttons like "Disable Astrometrics" are very bright along with white text.
So it's a bit hard to actually read something on them.

The Gorn UI looks nice, but the green is a bit off IMO.
Something similar to the Orion green wuild suit them better.

Reman UI is just painful to look at for me.

EDIT: Will the Warpcores get their own unique icons, because with the same icons as the impulse engines it's kinda confusing right now
Agree on the TNG text, it's a tad bright. I think the Federation one should be the TNG UI while the all blue color scheme should be the modern Federation one for people that still want to use that.

Is there a noticeable difference between TNG and Voyager? I couldn't tell anything meaningful.

How about a yellow/gold dominated color scheme?

A set of LCARs schemes where the color is dominated by the division Blue/Gold/Red...although light on the red, there are enough complaints about the Klingons' current scheme anyway.

And I also don't like the light on the character select screen. It's unnecessary. It was perfectly acceptable without it. If you must keep it, could you alter the color? The red makes little sense except for the Klingons. And even then Kruge's Bird of Prey bridge when not on battle alert had blue lighting. You could actually see on that bridge.
Originally Posted by dirlettia View Post
Speaking of warp Cores having the same icons as the impulse engines, I have a question regarding the obvious split which is coming.

The warp core tooltip on the standard issue core states quite clearly that it has a maximum speed of warp 10 yet a ship equipped with the current nice engines such as Maco/Borg etc go quite nicely at warp 13 or 14 so when is the split going to happen to take warp speed out of the current engines to give us a core instead? When you do, will we need both core and impulse engine to give a set bonus or will just one do?
That would be the most logical. (Actually the most logical would be actual Warp Nacelle refits, but the warp cores have a heck of a lot more to do with it than Impulse engines).

That would relieve the headache some have of using one engine for travel and another for combat.
Yes I support This

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04-03-2013, 04:42 PM
Hope they unlock Tribble soon. Would really like to check this stuff out.

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