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04-02-2013, 09:22 PM
You should consider PVE too, not only PVP.

There, the ability to pop miracle worker again would help against the elite invisible torpedoes.

Again that's not the issue tpalena, the issue is that if those pesky invisible torpedoes do more than 20% damage after I have popped miralce worker, meaning I can activate the ability again. What's to stop the borg cube hitting me a third time with an invisible torpdoe? MW trait would be on cooldown and its not like I'm waving a white flag at the cube to stop

It still doesn't solve the fact that MW doesn't provide shield damage resistance which is what I would rather want than to have a second Miracle worker any day of the week. Heck I'd give me left ball sack to have damage resistance over a second MW meaning I now have some chance to tank those invisible torpedoes or other types of damage in pve.

And has anyone stopped to consider that getting subnuked after you pop MW might put your MW on cooldown even though you have taken 20% damage? Subnuc increases the length of time it takes to finish a cooldown of an ability so being subnuked kinda makes the MW trait moot
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04-02-2013, 09:56 PM
Originally Posted by adjudicatorhawk View Post
Point noted, and I definitely hear you guys on this one, but EPS Manifold Efficiency also interacts with the Capacitor power on Very Rare quality warp cores, so it's not strictly limited to consumables. That should probably be explicitly spelled out in the tooltip - I'll get that fixed asap.
I haven't seen any values on very rare warp cores yet, so it's hard to evaluate whether that's going to be very useful. Still it's good to get that on the tooltip. Does it also work with RMC or anything else like the Aux to X powers?
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04-02-2013, 10:01 PM
Originally Posted by spacefortress View Post
You should consider PVE too, not only PVP.

There, the ability to pop miracle worker again would help against the elite invisible torpedoes.

Again that's not the issue tpalena, the issue is that if those pesky invisible torpedoes do more than 20% damage after I have popped miralce worker, meaning I can activate the ability again. What's to stop the borg cube hitting me a third time with an invisible torpdoe? MW trait would be on cooldown and its not like I'm waving a white flag at the cube to stop
What's to stop a third volley or invisitorp? Get out of range and/or drop aggro by cloaking, placating, etc. Right now that's what I generally use Miracle Worker for. "oops, took a lot of damage, shields and hull are almost wiped out, hit MW and run away..." and it's more or less guaranteed that I'll make it. It's not like I'm rolling without shield or hull resistance powers in the first place, but sometimes you get caught off guard and that's when MW is nice to reset things. Being able to use it when I'm only in moderate danger and knowing it will still be available if I take massive damage in the meantime would be hugely useful. Certainly good enough to justify a single trait.

Also, your point about subnuc doesn't make much sense to me. Completely reset is completely reset. Even if Subnuc increases the existing cooldown, if GUP activates, cooldown should instantly reset, with or without the subnuc debuff on you.

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04-02-2013, 10:02 PM
Character Creator Traits:

Very Disappointed we don't get to choose our character traits at all, not even one. Aliens are less of a customized race since they all start out with the same traits.

Trill have better stats than the Joined Trill. (People paid a lot of money for them, Joined Trill should have better).

Trait UI:

It's slightly better with the descriptions, but ashame you have to widen the UI window to read them.

Also the UI needs better intution when it comes to selections.

Darken the selectable traits if you selected them all.

The Traits you did select, make them more apparent.

Class Traits should be included as you rank up like Captain Powers, not selectable.

Much of these Class Traits are Overpowered, especially Tactical.
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04-02-2013, 10:11 PM

Thanks for clarifying the subnuc since i wasn't sure if it would impact or affect the cd of MW in any way.

As an engineer your spose to maintain aggro of cube otherwise tac players will be targeted and blown up if you don't keep the cubes attention. If you run away as you suggested then you'll loose agro and get one of your team mates killed. The traits need some refining wether your 'strategies' of running away from cube comes into the equation or not! I think most of us here will agree that Engineer traits needs a work over to buff them up because frankly its weak...and so are science traits! I'm not a science player but I can see that the science traits are just as weak as Engineers atm.

The only class right now with decent traits is tactical class atm
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04-02-2013, 10:19 PM
I wonder if the new EPS Manifold Efficiency might be a bit... much.

With zero point in Starship batteries, but using the battery exocomp... triggering my Red Matter Capacitor gives 60 power to all four subsystems for ten seconds. After that, I still had the +25 for ten more seconds. I wonder how crazy it would get if I had some points in Starship batteries... heck, with a few points I could probably hit 125 to all four just from popping my reusable RMC, every three minutes.

Not to mention if I hit EPtW, EPtS, or EPtA, which my ship has as well. My power conduits might explode... and this is with the stock MK X white Warp Core.
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04-02-2013, 10:23 PM
Originally Posted by bghost View Post
the science space traits their pretty useless to science vessels. u need to make a brand new trait to replace Photonic capacitor (preferably a one that increases debuff potential). and increase the percentage of exotic damage for conservation of energy. cause 10% of nothing equals nothing.
Photonic capacitor isn't aweful, but I do agree it could use a boost. I actually wonder if having it also affect photonic officer might boost the effectiveness of that skill and add some utility to the trait. It might also be nice if Photonic capacitor just reduced to cooldown on all the captain powers.

As for conservation of energy. A small damage boost would be nice, but more importantly, it should boost flow capacitors so shield (and power) drains get a much needed boost.
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04-02-2013, 10:40 PM
Space - Grace Under Fire
Whenever you are hit for more than 25% of your hull in a 5 second period, the cooldown on Miracle Worker is reset.
This effect cannot occur more often than once per 90 seconds.

Space - EPS Manifold Efficiency:
Using a Battery for one subsystem also gives 25% of its effect to other subsystems.
Grace under Fire looks like an interesting ability, albeit very situational. For PvE it might be interesting because I can keep at my point blank grudge match against the Elite Borg Gate or Tac Cube a little longer before I need to retreat.
For PvP it might allow me to get lucky and survive for a few seconds longer, but again highly situational because I might just as well get spiked to death without the chance of reacting in time.

EPS on the other hand looks like a waste of space. I do not use batterys to boost the power of a different subsystem, I use them because I need more power in one. Of course with the help of the new warp core you can try to combine the bonus it gives to an area threw another (synergy bonus) with the appropriate battery but that sounds more like trying to compensate for bad power management to me .
Furthermore this ability does not only rely on batteries but is also one that will increase or lose effectiveness depending on the type of ship you are flying.

Personally I would recommend to remove it and try something else. (Something to strip [not completely remove] the defence of others might be highly interesting ^.^)

Space - Photonic Capacitor:
Science powers you activate reduce the remaining cooldown of Photonic Fleet by 15 seconds.
This ability cannot trigger more often than once every 15 seconds.

Space - Conservation of Energy:
When Energy Weapons hit your shields, your exotic damage has a chance to be increased by 10%, stacking up to 3 times.
Exotic Damage is any damage which is increased by the Starship Particle Generators skill.
Photonic Capacitor:
As others have said Photonic Fleet is nice to look at but not very effective because those ships can be cleared out very fast. Maybe instead change it so that you can call up to 9 ships in a Photonic Fleet?
There is also the problem that this skill is very likely very ship dependant again because because you will not be using an escort or cruiser very good with this one.

Conservation of Energy:
Federation Science Vessel skill. From the text it seems that this skill has been created with federation science vessels in mind which in turn means that the BoP will get the short end of the stick with this skill. Of course I also have to admit that my knowledge on the science path is not that large because I do not play that character a lot.

As such looking at what others have posted this skill also does not help a lot. Maybe change it to an increase of effect time of certain science skills? Say 3x Stack 15% increase on duration on skills like Viral Matrix, Jam Sensors, Tractor Beam, Polarize Hull etc.? (Though not Hazard Emitters and Transfer Shield Strength I think)

Space - Last Ditch Effort:
While Go Down Fighting is active, you gain 10% Damage Resistance to all damage types when you attack a target, stacking up to 3 times.

Space - Crippling Fire:
Your critical hits reduce your target's Accuracy by 5%, stacking up to 3 times.
Personally I think that the tactical skills come off the best. They are not dependant on ships at all and boost the tactical path in the area it is "most lacking", namely tanking.

Last Ditch Effort:
This skill is bound to an inert tactical one and can thus be always used in concert with it. As such it will never suffer in effectiveness. Furthermore it can give a large improvement on survivability when active while the skill it is in synergy with boosts damage a lot. Now admittedly with the changes you need to be on lower health to get this skill. But on the other hand threw this trait the actual danger of using it gets negated by a certain margin.

Crippling Fire:
Removing an enemy accuracy is simply another form of tanking and will be a no brainer for any PvP player and very likely also be used in PvE a lot because a 200k miss is still a miss. Also like the above skill it doesn?t matter on which kind of ship you are here.

Of course this is all a personal opinion going by the current stats delivered and I will not be able to actually test this for another week or so .

Right now I would say that the space traits per class are unbalanced. If I were in a bad mood I would probably be screaming about "Tac Favoritism". (I might also be ranting about forcing all devs to play nothing but STO PvP for 4-6 months ^.^)
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04-02-2013, 11:41 PM
hum hom.... where have my mind meld and nerve pinch gone?
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04-02-2013, 11:43 PM
Originally Posted by dukedom01 View Post
hum hom.... where have my mind meld and nerve pinch gone?
Were they moved into the Vulcan racial mega-trait? I haven't tried creating a Vulcan character yet so I couldn't say.

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