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I hate cut scenes that you can't skip, and ruin immersion and game-play.

When the cut scene comes up, the game itself doesn't stop. I've lost so many BDC Advanced and Elites because the stupid cut scene comes up and the game around me doesn't stop; but anything im doing is halted. Trying to rescue a borg ship? Stopped when the cut scene comes. I mean, this is Gaming 101 Guys!

So the questions I have is (1) is anyone else annoyed with this? And (2) Can we expect this to change?

Too many people I know have or a talking about leaving the game for not only this, but the bugs, rubber-banding and countless other issues this once great games seems to have, and the lack of care the devs and Cryptic as a whole seems to give.
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02-01-2015, 03:14 AM
1. Yes.
2. No.

You want really annoying cut scenes, I mean REALLY annoying ones? Do the Nimbus 3 accolade for Klingon Rebels a thousand times ( yes 1k times cause there is only one Rebel ). If the cut scenes don't get you, that announcer will.
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02-01-2015, 04:13 AM
been annoyed, any cut scene that yanks you out of a middle of a fight is annoying, stupid, excessive, brainless, and obviously designed by someone who doesn't game.
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