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# 1 Observed tribble issues
04-03-2013, 03:08 PM
All of the following are still applicable to the newest update(4/3).

I've noted a few things with my time on tribble with the latest(4/2) update.

On the character select screen -- I know it is in the notes as being fixed and showing the currently worn uniforms -- my characters appear in the first uniform slot configuration. I incidentally still suffer from it listing my currently readied shuttle as the ship I am in, despite being in the starship, and it sometimes shows the shuttle hovering above the character, then eventually the readied ship shows.

The TNG UI's Priority 'F' Interaction selections and the Low Priority Interactions buttons need their text characters to be outlined or adjusted in some way to increase their readability. The text is okay in most other places, barring the clock is illegible.
The new LCARS interfaces are pretty good, and I'm liking them after using them more, though they need a bit of polish here and there still.

I've noticed that Quantum Slipstream is lost when I transition to a new sector. I'm not sure if this is intended, but I'm a bit sad my long lasting slipstreams don't mean much anymore currently. I was also noticing the recharge time and the duration time listed in the tooltip while hovering over the new sector space quantum slipstream button was not functioning along with this behavior.

The new chat settings and options are welcome. I noted that there are options present in the Main Menu>Options>Chat tab for chat settings that are not listed or available in the settings and options menu accessed directly from the chat window(s) or Main Menu>Chat Settings.

The bridge officer power panel is now opaque and blocks the screen even when you have no bridge officers in the space, say when you are in a shuttle. It seems like a strange thing that was overlooked as it fills and blocks out the area unnecessarily.

This really isn't formatted like the bug reporting sticky says, but these are all pretty easily observable bugs or issues -- and just some I've noted down so far -- I hope to see fixed before May 21st comes.

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# 2
04-03-2013, 08:52 PM
The chat text entry box no longer greys out when it loses focus with text entered into it. The text keeps the same appearance as if the text entry was still focused.

oops, didn't mean to respond to my post

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