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I'm a soon to be level 50 tactical Romulan character and I'm looking for a fleet to join to help me learn post 50 STO!

What I am looking for-

*Fairly active fleet with a good mix of veterans and lowbies.

*Prefer KDF aligned fleet, since that's what I am.

*Mature people who are willing to answer questions from a new player.

What I'm not looking for-

*Hardcore fleet. Not looking for a group of power gamers, just trying to learn right now.

*Inactive fleet. If it's just you and a few other guys that hardly sign on you're not what I'm looking for, sorry.

*Stringent activity requirements. Sometimes I only play for a half hour a day, sometimes I play for 4 hours a day. I have things to do outside of this game and will absolutely not give any promises on how often I will be playing.

*Role playing. Sorry I just don't do this, nor would I want to join a company where everyone is always trying to talk 'In Character'.

*Real talk/Mumble/Teamspeak required. I don't like to chat on mics in games.

So if your fleet falls somewhere in between what I am and am not looking for I would love to give you a look

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We are Access Denied and Naw'Tem, active, friendly, casual fleets, we are a T5 fleets with all holdings completed.

Naw'Tem is the KDF fleet of ours, you may consider joining us.

Please visit us @ adfleet.org

You may find the following post useful which highlights our recent activities and what we are

If you are interested you can either apply through our website or give one of the officers a shout ingame. My handle is (@capbash)
Bash (@capbash)

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