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# 1 Fleet Events System
05-02-2013, 05:47 PM
I am not sure how many actually use the "RSVP" function of the fleet events system, but i have noticed something. It really isn't a bug, but more of an inconvienence.

When you set a max number of attendees, "Maybe" counts toward that. It would be nice that only "Accept" members count toward the max number.

So if you have an event that has a max number of members of 10, 7 RSVP "ACCEPT" and 3 RSVP "MAYBE" that counts as 10 in the system. When in actuallity it should only count as 7 so that if there were 3 more that for sure wanted to join, now they can't RSVP because the "Maybe" members are holding up the event.

Our system is this, ACCEPTS are always first when there is a max number of spots. We only goto the maybe members if for some reason an ACCEPT doesn't show up. Then the maybe members get a chance at the spot by rolling the dice.

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