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04-10-2013, 06:16 PM
I was in a KASE match, where no one was willing to volunteer for probe duty, so the team leader drafted me into it, even though I repeatedly told him that my build was not set up for probe duty, my Excelsior had no hold powers and I didn't have the DPS to make up for it (usually I pull transformer attack duty, which the ship is fine for). Forget the fact that he didn't even give me time to set up one of my other ships. After we barely scratched our way through the mission, during which he basically had to help me hold the probes back the whole time, he told me that my ship sucked and I shouldn't run STFs until I get a Defiant retro.
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04-10-2013, 07:13 PM
The last ISE we were in, had this one guy...

The nanite generator he was inadvertently hitting with FaW and TS goes down early: calls us noobs for ignoring the 10% rule.

I go in to TBR and grav well the nanite probes and spheres: calls me a noob, tells me to help him focus fire down the transformer before the probes and spheres fix it, causing the optional to fail. There was one nanite generator remaining.

Then he EWP's the transformer of all things because it's "more DPS" and we need to kill it NOW.

So when the optional fails, we're noobs who don't know how to run the instance and have no coordination. So logically, the only thing left to do is AFK at the spawn point, since at this point he's been destroyed (the only one to have been, mind you) about three or four times and is wracking up the damage.

I thought he was lonely and just needed a friend, so I brought Mr. Tactical Cube to the spawn point so they could get to know each other and have funny buddy cop movie adventures together. And apparently I'm the griefer noob who can't take friendly advice on how to play. Bloody ingrate.

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