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04-04-2013, 11:35 PM

First I would like to thank everybody who has shown support to us in our time of need. Your good will has gone a very long way to helping us make the best out of a horrible situation.

To the person responsible for this, wether for gain or for spite, shame on you. I don't know you and I assume you do not know me. This game is very important to me. I spend nearly 12 hours a day playing.

Pathetic? Yes, I think so, too. I have a degenerative joint condition. Leaving the house is problematic at best. Even playing the game causes me intense pain at times, but as I am mostly housebound, it is my window to a world.

I have chosen to spend the last days of my mobility here. I have spent much money that is difficult for me to come by and spent countless pain filled hours grinding out fleet marks and EC to help build my virtual home. It is not easy for me to find ways to contribute, but I have been working as hard as I can.

You have taken all that away. I'm certain you haven't thought that much about it, but that is what you have done. Mull that over for a little bit. Sure, it is just a game. Yeah, people take it too seriously. What you don't realize is that those of us who have had to make changes to our lives sometimes rely on our entertainment to help us make the best out of bad situations. So, while you may take what you have done lightly, you have seriously impacted my life.

I don't know if you are reading. I don't know if you even care if you are. Still, I felt the need to clue you in on what karma you have incurred. I don't believe pleading to your better nature would be effective, as what you have done is so low, but perhaps you have one. If you do, perhaps knowing this will make you come to your senses, and end this trouble for all of us.

It has been a long and trying night. I have been up all night supporting and being supported by my fleeties. I put on my strong face for them. They have been working on this fleet for longer then I. Yet, I am crushed by this. I am overwhelmed and need some rest. Tomorrow is another day.

Thanks again to the STO community for their support. You cannot realize the joy it instills in my heart,
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04-05-2013, 12:09 AM
Just saying thanks for the support that has been shown in the community. I had a few PMs come my way.

Good thing is we can't go backwards, we can only go forwards. We are off to a good start and got projects for the Fed and KDF Bases and Embassies on the go.
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04-05-2013, 12:38 AM


An Internal matter Honestly The Gm's said that

Sorry just remind me HOW many members who are in this fleet are hosting or own there own podcasts to which a LARGE section of the player base listen too.

I do feel sorry for you guys and when i can get on over the next coming weeks ill help grind some dilthium for your new projects.

This happened to me and the fleet i was in about 6 months into the game and we lost 8 bank slots which were all full and had to start again so i understand.
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04-05-2013, 12:40 AM
If there is anything I can do to help you all rebuild simply let me know.
I have an alt or two I can spare to help you grind back what you have lost.
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04-05-2013, 12:57 AM
New Romulus ain't got nothing on the relief efforts for Caspian.
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04-05-2013, 01:59 AM
On behalf of the Ausmonauts we would like to extend a hand of friendship to your fleet. We understand the amount of assistance you are receiving and being a fleet of similar size, we would like to offer any extra support that you currently need. We have a star base that will start its first tier 5 upgrade within weeks and our embassy is complete. If no other fleet has given this (which I am sure they have) you will be able to access our fleet stores. We also invite your fleet members to run missions with us if you wish to help them get back into a normal routine. If you require any aid from us, you can contact us in game (@nagrom7, or any of our officers) or at our website.

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04-05-2013, 02:02 AM
It is such a pity to see PWE/Crpytic take so little action over something so serious as hacking and then the possible ransom of a high level fleet.

While sympathy is cheap, you still have mine.

Let us hope that something will be done to fix this situation.
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04-05-2013, 03:43 AM
I'm not a poster on here often, if ever, but I must reach out to say a super Thank You to all of the excellent support that Caspian Division has received during this ordeal. I've always thought the people we've played with over the years we have been together were awesome, and the love and support just proves that. Caspian will be back to where we were and our community is all the stronger for such a tragedy to happen.
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04-05-2013, 05:27 AM
Like Bradford, I almost never post here. However, I would have been remiss if I did not thank our fellow Fleets, and fellow STO players, for their generous offers of assistance after the heinous events of the past 24 hours.

To all who have come to Caspian's aid, Thank You.

And to the heinous individual who stole our property and hurt our members, karma is a MF'er, and I hope I'm there when you get yours.

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04-05-2013, 06:12 AM
Caspian Division is one of my homes away from my main Fleet with an alt of mine.

To see all the messages of support given from so many is so showing of what Star Trek is supposed to stand for and what it means to the majority of the community.

I joined Caspian Division on their chat last night, where, as well as still enjoying to play the game I am proud to have been able to help start the new Caspian Rising Fleet and help get the first projects kicked off, and as before I will continue to help contribute where I can.

What has been done to here is nothing short of hateful and no matter how nasty people might try and be, I know that Caspian will always continue to shine bright.

LLAP =/\=
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