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04-11-2013, 12:57 PM
wow i feel for you guys , IF there is anything i can assist with , please dont hesitate to ask.
though its seems you got it covered , I extend a invite to our Fed and Kilngon fleets . im sure the rest of the REDWING community would agree with me
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04-11-2013, 04:51 PM
I am here to express my utmost sympathy. i have sent 5-6 mails worth of supplies through my fleet commander to your fleet representitive, and am here if anyone needs anything. please accept the gift i sent on behalf of the Archimedes Task Force and House of Turbulence. May the Haker go to Sto-Vo-Kor for his dishonorable deed. (Not the fleet, the place ) anything i can get you, just ask. I feel for you a lot. Bran, MAKE THE HACKER PAY!!!!
positions in our fleet are welcome to any and all legit members. just mail or PM Me and i will make sure i get you in.
this is not a flame, if you consider it a flame, i apologize. it is not meant as such.

LLAP, everyone.

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04-12-2013, 06:06 PM
my fleet, after hearing of this, decided to put in a policy of kicking members inactive after a certan amount of time. this goes for all peeps, down from TFC to lowly recruit. might i urge members of other fleets to recommend a similar procedure as well. again, my sincere regret for the event that took place. you will now be stronger than ever. to the hacker:go soak your head. never play sto again if this is what you'll do.
Good luck, Caspian/stovokor.
this is not a flame, if you consider it a flame, i apologize. it is not meant as such.

LLAP, everyone.
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04-12-2013, 06:13 PM
i soooooo agree w/ trekie. GET ZACH THE HACK!! i really have no idea who the hack in but zach rhymes with hack
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04-15-2013, 11:43 AM
Originally Posted by wilv View Post
First off I want to thank the player community for the support they've show during this time.

Around 4 AM on April 4th a leader of Caspian had their account used against their knowledge to demote all the leaders and remove all members from our Fed and KDF fleets. This person then proceeded to promote his own character to leader and then finally demote and remove the last member of Caspian. The person responsible has stepped forward and claims the Fleet is in his possession and will return it once his demands are met.

We aren't sure how this person got access to one of our leader's account or email. We submitted a ticket to cryptic and their GM department has informed us they don't currently offer fleet support.

As a response, Caspian has decided to reform under the banner of "Caspian Rising" and as hard and painful as it will be start from scratch.

My motherboard has been shot for a few weeks. I'm just hearing about this. *sigh*

Almost all of my alts were in Caspian.
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04-15-2013, 12:12 PM
Originally Posted by kineticimpulser View Post
Ah. There's you're problem right there.

Rule number one in security: keep clearances current. Well, rule number sev...elev...? I forget, but it's up there.

A painful lesson, but one that the whole community can learn from. Demote or dismiss non-active members.

That said, this is a horrible act of *theft* that needs to be punished to the full extent of the law. Sure, this is theft of "virtual goods" but let's be clear: stealing and using usernames and passwords that do not belong to you is against the law (18 U.S.C. 1030 to be exact... which subsection to charge him/her with depends on some facts I don't have).

Real people spent real money on materials to build that base. Cryptic gets real money from the purchase of fleet modules which can ONLY be redeemed at Fleet Shipyards. Make no mistake, if the average player has ANY reason to mistrust the fleet system, it is a threat to Cryptic's bottom line.

Put yourself in the shoes of a Fleet Admiral. If you get an email that says "send X bitcoins to account Y within 24 hours or I delete your base," what are you going to do? GM ticket? Complain on the forums? Pretend you never got the message? Plead for mercy? Talk the guy down to X-5 bitcoins?

Two things need to happen:

1) Cryptic needs to lock out ALL accounts that did not change their passwords after the breach. Yes, that will make it slightly more difficult for players returning to the game to login. Yes, a certain number of those players who are confronted with a "change your password" screen will just give up. Tough. It was a corporate error when the passwords were stolen. This is a knock-on cost of that failure. Eat it and move on.

2) Cryptic needs to hire an Ombudsman. There are more shenanigans going on now in several facets of the game. As it gets more complex, this is inevitable. There will be gray areas. There needs to be human review of these issues. But more importantly, there needs to be *assurances* given to the playerbase that their work will not be in vain in this type of situation. Yes this is an MMO. Yes this is teh interwebz where mean nasty trollz get their jollies. Yes it's caveat emptor and everyone man for himself... herself... whatever!

But this is Star Trek.

We're better than this.
This is really depressing. A lot of us spent many stipends and even real money buying dilithium to further the fleet.

I'm going to have a hard time justifying doing that again if one compromised account can do this without any corrective measure on Cryptic's part.
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04-15-2013, 01:01 PM
Hey guys i heard about youre situation the other day, all i can say i feel for every single one of you( that sucks ! What i have to admire is you fleet spirit as a whole, on top of that how the community has rallied round to help your fleet ( god its good to see ). If you want extra help i can send some supplies your way, stay strong!
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As one of the Fleet Leaders of Caspian Rising and Caspian Honour Guard, I am still amazed by all that has been done by other fleets to support us.

From tiny 4 man fleets to those numbering in the hundreds, support had flowed. We had nearly 50 people in our ventrilo last night as we ran missions together to work on gather fleet credits and other needed items.

We will have to wait for the special projects to come back into cycle for us to get what we lost back onto the starbase and embassy. It was losing those little touches that hurt the most, knowing you and others had created them; only to see them taken away.

Many want to bash Cryptic and Perfect World Entertainment. I implore that this not be done, out of respect for what they do; as each case is different and they have to weigh the decision of restoring items lost over not doing them. In this case a fleet losing every project it had completed on their base over rebuilding in the long term, it matters little. Those projects were virtual in any case.

As for what is going on recently in both fleets. Caspian Rising is just about finished with all it's Tier 1 projects, the Transwarp gate is about to be worked on so the projects to advance us to Tier 2 have already begun. The Caspian Honour Guard, a smaller fleet of course is a smidge behind; but will be soon following Caspian Rising into Tier 2.

The embassy tier's we are just waiting for the respective tier project to complete. Each one we have discovered is 4 days, which slows us down but we are dealing with it and building up supplies needed for the future projects needed to fill them.

If the goal of the individual was to demoralize us as a fleet, it fell flat. We have grown even stronger and I believe it has made the community pull together as well; since many do realize this could have been them.

I will continue to post reports of our fleet's progress; as it helps the community understand how things are going and where their donations of material and other items have been utilized.

Again from the fleets of Caspian Rising and Caspian Honour Guard, thank you all for your support and if you are in need at anytime please be sure to contact us. We will respond.

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04-16-2013, 05:25 AM

12th Fleet salutes the rebirth of Caspian Division!

May you have clear horizons
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04-16-2013, 09:27 AM
I'm not going to bash Cryptic over this but I do think it puts the fleet system into perspective, underscores the need for better security, and reaffirms why other games with guild advancement systems put most of the work/progress on the character rather than the fleet.

I'd certainly have feedback for how I think the fleet system would be revised based on this.

Personally, I'd be inclined to make it so that starbase XP is much easier to get but can be lost (including facilities being turned offline) when people with high lifetime fleet credit totals get booted from a fleet, to discourage this kind of behavior and/or the selling of fleets, which is what drives this kind of action.

The easier to get part seems to be part of the plan but I think a major factor would be:

Track the percentage of lifetime fleet credits. A fleet that boots a member loses a percentage of its progress based on the percentage of lifetime fleet credits.

Then have it so that when someone voluntarily quits a fleet, they have the option to leave without penalizing the fleet's progress.

With bootings however, the progress loss should be automatic. That would encourage fleets with personality disputes to work things out amicably, possibly offer big contributors a severance to persuade them to quit rather than booting them, and make fleet theft a thing of the past.

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