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04-07-2013, 09:27 AM
I for myself started in spring 2012 and back then did one or two borg ground stf. Little did I know. I got help for the accolade to get me the borg boff and thats it. I have no reasons to do ground borg stf again. I remember getting lost in those hallways without knowing what to do next, where to go and which shields the other players were talking about.
Even the "guides" were no help at all because everything looked similar back then.

I had a rather long brake from the game from late september last year till feb
and have yet to test out ground borg stf. Maybe when I complete my Omega xi ground set and see if that remodulating stuff gets any better - because at its current state its really annoying. (thats why I go melee when on defera)

Have the ground stf been reworked meanwhile? (waypoints, descriptions etc.)

*edit: I have no problems with 2-hour long missions but the reward has to compensate for the effort.
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04-09-2013, 01:19 AM
The current way is certainly useful for quicker accumulation of marks, etc. But surely there's scope to reinstate the full (story-driven) versions of the STFs for solo play, obviously without the uber-rewards the group-based versions hold. Too many times when the original full-length STFs were active you'd get groups who steamrollered their way through with someone screaming "DON'T READ - RUN! NOOB!" in chat. As a long-time STO player I'd love the chance to go through the STFs with my BOFFs at my own pace, enjoying the story along the way.

The original full-length STFs were brilliant story-driven episodes which offered good narrative progression from the existing solo Borg missions. Please Cryptic, if you're able to - please consider tweaking the original length STFs for solo play. Clearly some parts would need to be reworked but rebalancing end rewards should negate any potential reward abuse. Even if each instance only offers something small like 10 Omega marks and 250 Dilithium or something - it's the playable story content that counts. Plus, with a solo variant, instances where someone bails out or rage-quits deep into the mission wouldn't be a problem. Man, that was annoying - committing an hour or more to an original STF only to have one (or even two) people bail close to the end, rendering the entire thing virtually impossible to complete and wrecking any progress made. That's certainly one thing I don't miss. Sure, it still happens a bit now but with the shorter ones, it doesn't sting as much.

But restoring the full-length group-based would be fun as well. Story is what drives STO and the new ones, while a decent challenge most of the time, lack the story-driven "oomph" that the originals had.
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04-09-2013, 01:46 AM
Originally Posted by skhc View Post
Some of the co-operative elements are well beyond BOffs. The three console inputs in Infected Ground for example. The shield generators in Khitomer Accord ground too, how would you be able to direct a BOff to disable the shields around generator? Or direct them to attack a generator that you've disabled when you're in another room and can't see the target to assign it to them? I wouldn't even trust them to defend generators in the Cure, even with waypoints.

They'd have to be made so easy or changed so much to account for this that they'd be useless as training tools, imo. So you'd really only have them for the story element.
Exactly. I think Dstahl once said that it would be very hard to make BO's work correctly in STF's. It would require them to nearly completely remake the STF's for solo play with BO's.

As mentioned above, there are things that would not work currently in game, like the 4 transformers in Infected at the boss room, or to take it even further, how about the space parts of the STF's? How would that even work? You have the generators/probes in all the space parts of the STF's, and the current AI in this game would make it very hard to accomplish the taking down of generators/probes.

Also,in Khitomer ground, how would you go about the part with the nodes needing to be desttoyed and what to do about the part of taking down the shields of said generators in the room you currently have to beam into??

In the end, it would be too much work and not worth the effort to develop. It would be bad ROI on Cryptic/PWE's part...

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04-09-2013, 05:34 PM
It wouldn't be so hard since most of the maps and mechanics are still there, as a story driven mission even if you can't use your BOFFS to do half the mechanics for stuff like Infected and KA, at least they'd be brought back for the story that most F2P players and returning players are missing from the old STF's.

I'll admit some things in the STF's can't be done, but the STF's back in the day with a good group and good gear, some of them can be done even with the minimal requirement of people. Today with the gear most people have now if you took a team of three people with a mix of MACO, Omega and/or Honor guard (Adaptive and/or non-adaptive sets.) Infected can be done even with only 3 people, if not more. I admit that most things in KA and Infected can't be done with BOFF's alone, but of course that is why we have a team. And most things like cross faction teaming isn't that hard, or won't be that hard to do considering the Romulan update will allow romulans to cross-faction team with both Fed or KDF players/fleets depending on who they are aligned with. For the story missions how ever they would allow KDF and Fed players to cross-faction only with-in Gamma Orionis (as I've mentioned before) which with their current coding shouldn't be that difficult to do. As for making these missions accessible, it's only a matter of putting the coding back that they removed for you to hail Admiral D'vak and request for the mission.

It's not as much work as the Cryptic Dev team is putting into the Legacy of Romulus expansion, it may sound like allot reading all the suggestions and stuff, but that's when developers can pick and choose which route to take. To be honest it's actually much less work to reactivate the old STF's some may think. Even if they can't be solo'd the old STF's had story in them, and it connected everything together, that's something many F2P players hasn't, and currently can't experience. Unless a Dev responds to tell us how it's not possible to bring the old stf's back along side the new stf's, I believe, as I've seen many others so far in and out of this topic, that it is possible to bring these STF's back.

Allowing these STF's to be accessible again would also add in story for the KDF side, and in fact add in more to the Romulan faction since the old stf's, as story missions, are/were quite an eye opener. I know that the Dev team has many plans for the Romulan side in line of featured episodes and standard missions, but bringing the old STF's back would add allot more story from what it's currently missing.
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It would be harder than you think. The pathing for the BO's would need a huge improvement, especially on Infected ground, so that they do not take a plasma bath at the boss room. And how would it work on Khitomer ground where you have to destroy those generators?

Or how about space? How would you ensure that allied NPC ships do not aggro or destroy the generators before the player is ready? Or aggro a tac cube at the wrong time. Or.... Well you get the point...

A lot of things would need changing to even work in some semblance, and I think it would be a nightmare of untold proportions for Cryptic to fix BO pathing, and NPC ship behaviour, and not to speak of any changes that might need doing to the STF maps themselves...

So while it would be nice to see the old STF's as solo STF's, it's sadly not a very realistic thing to hope for. Call it a pipe line dream, nice, but not very realistic...

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Originally Posted by otowi View Post
especially on Infected ground, so that they do not take a plasma bath at the boss room.
Don't do that. I just had a flash back to the fire caves where 3 of my boffs are dead in the flames and one on top of the walk way continually trying to revive one of them in a vicious cycle as if they wouldn't accept the truth of the matter.

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