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Originally Posted by steamwright View Post
I can see what you're saying. Back in 2006 I did a contract at the North American HQ of a major company. Their IT dept set up an insolated test computer with hacker software, which I understood they downloaded from the internet. Everyone was invited to put in their password. I understand that the very best password, which IT considered complex, was hacked in 28 minutes. (and that was 7 years back) We were told at the time that it was good because impatience plays a role and a hacker is likely willing to move on to find that 30-second password instead.
In my Ethical Hacking Curriculum (working to get certified) one of the things I've learned, is a LOT of people use things that are near and dear to them, or close relation to them, or related to: Hobbies, work, school, childrens hobbies, relatives, Projects, personal car preferences, favorite tv shows, etc. Which when you're dealing with a true hacker, you can have someone meet you on the street, shoot the crap with, share a few beers, and not realize, that guy you just met, isn't some random guy, he's truly out there to learn you, to gain HUMINT on you, for cracking the password into your login.

Even a Department Supervisor in a retail chain can be a target for corporate espionage. Companies will pay people under the table insane amounts of money, just to learn the Week To Date sales a store in XYZ city. Or to get ahold of training videos and training materials used to train company Zs employees.

Even to just learning what items are being shipped, when they are being delivered, list of vendors, etc. It's absolutely HUGE.And they'll pay hundreds, thousands, in some cases tens of thousands dependent on the criticality of the information obtained/being sold.

Overall, you should never have a password related to anything close to you. Pick some random BFE country for a password, some wierd bug or animal or something that has no relation, or that you don't even care or have any interest at all in, and never speak of it.

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