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# 1 New Social Zones Ideas?
04-07-2013, 12:04 AM
I want to say first that I've seen the new layout for Drozana on Tribble now, and I love it.

Here's my idea and I'm sure it's an old one but I searched first and didn't find a thread for it. Basically I wanted to suggest three new Drozana/Quarks type social zones for the game that I think either fit Star Trek canon or STO canon.

1. Empok Nor

Imagine DS9 through the looking glass, a dirty run down barely functioning Nor type station, controlled by the Cardassians with help from the Ferengi. You could offer the limited features that Drozana has now with a clearly Cardassian Flavor. You could use the existing DS9 framework and dirty up the textures, maybe limit the access to certain areas that we can free visit on DS9, here at her sister station.

2. Deferi Outpost 3

You already have the trading post in space, what I'm suggesting is a ground map for the station, a trading post controlled and operated by the Defera, a race that could have a larger roe in the game if there was more to do with them. I don't know about you, but I kinda want to see want a Deferi bar would look like.

3. Delta Quadrant Trading Post

On Voyager, the crew would often have to interact with new and unusual races in seedy trading posts where they'd haggle for equipment and basic food stuffs from time to time. This might be a good option to have in the Delta Quadrant, where now we just go to fight the borg for one featured episode, and where we beam to for STFs but never get to explore. You could use the Alien Race creator to come up with all sort of odd looking folks, and it would give players something to do in this part of space after they hit end-game. My idea for this outpost would be a station build into an asteroid, the interiors could be a patchwork of both metal and bare rock.

These three are just off the top of my head there could be one in the Gamma Quadrant also, but since we can't really get there from here yet, I didn't write it up.

Let me know what you think, could this work, is it worth the effort, would you use these social zones if you had the option?
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# 2
04-07-2013, 02:11 AM
Why in space do we need more social zones, is the question we should be asking. Seriously. We've got the obvious ones (ESD, DS9). Then we've got stuff like Risa. Then there's the fleet starbases providing some limited options.

We don't need more social zones. If the problem is the utility of each zone (access to exchange, bank, w/e) the existing ones can just be upgraded.

What we need are more open space PvPvE zones like Ker'rat, and Ker'rat needs to be fixed. Zones like that are practically a space social zone in of themselves, with enough people in 'em. Lots of chatting back and forth, trading taunts and gibes, some QQing. . .
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# 3
04-07-2013, 02:51 AM
Both of your ideas are good. I give my thumb to them. Social zones without any meaning like Risa are fine cause you can just have fun at there. New kind of fleet action: rival faction striking straight to the heart of your faction. Qonos or Earth. This would be a completely random event which would be formed in ESD or First CIty (depending from your faction) and then the defensing factionwould get Red Alerts from their home planet and allow them to transwarp there. And open PvP zones to Eta Eridani (space and ground). PvPvE is pretty interesting (for Klingons escpecially) cause usually Ker'rat is filled with Starfleet (speaking with the deep voice of experience). Spawn points need to be different for diferent factions.

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# 4
04-07-2013, 09:44 AM
Originally Posted by renomiller View Post
This might be a good option to have in the Delta Quadrant, where now we just go to fight the borg for one featured episode, and where we beam to for STFs but never get to explore.
It would be a good option to have in the Delta Quadrant, but for the record Gamma Orionis is not there (while Wrath of Khan and The Search for Spock never established if the Mutara Sector is in the Alpha Quadrant or Beta Quadrant, it must be in one of those two, since it was in Federation space in the late 23d century).
Once/if the Delta Quadrant is added, however, I can see the argument (if nothing else, one can say that one should never be more than two sector blocs from a social zone).

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