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Hey there, I just wanted to suggest about this but I don't want any bad things from it, all I want is your opinions and if you want to support it Thank you

Ok first of all let me explain to you what is my suggestion you all know the saucer separation for the Galaxy, MVAE, Odyssey, or plus all of the fighters or anything that you launch from your ship to be in combat anyway my suggestion is that if its possible to equipment them with some basic equipment or for the bigger pets our own equipment

Ok 2nd I will let them have limitations on it but at least have access so we can put our own stuff instead of always having them phaser Phaser PHASER or Disruptor for the KDF and yes I know some pets in KDF you can have a different but that is not what I am suggestion.
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04-07-2013, 04:17 PM
i would just like a way to give my saucer a command like carriers do with fighter

and advanced saucer as a dil store option would be kind of cool as well
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04-07-2013, 04:41 PM
Originally Posted by gpgtx View Post
i would just like a way to give my saucer a command like carriers do with fighter

and advanced saucer as a dil store option would be kind of cool as well
That is very good idea I like it

but not really related to my post
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04-07-2013, 04:52 PM
So basically you are saying this.

I finally finish my endless grinding, and hypothetically upgrade my Galaxy-class starship to a Fleet Galaxy. Now, with the 5th Engineering console, I decide to get the best improvement to this game ever made.

Ship Equipment

Eng Consoles...
Sci Consoles...
Tac Consoles...
Oh, there we are. [Universal Console - Saucer Separation Console [Cst]] - 100,000 Dilithium

[Cst] would stand for customizable.

Ok, so I buy it. Then I equip it.

A new panel pops up when I click on the equipped purple Saucer Sep console.
Weapons: [][][]
Deflector: []
Engines: []
Shields: []
Weapons: []
Eng consoles: [][]
Sci consoles: []
Tac consoles: []

Do you know how overpowered this ship would become? Granted, you would have no autonomy over its function, but if properly equipped with Theta Radiation and AMS, no one would be safe.

Imagine if you had this:
[Universal Console - Multi-Vector (Alpha Section) [Cst]]
[Universal Console - Multi-Vector (Beta Section) [Cst]]
[Universal Console - Multi-Vector (Gamma Section) [Cst]]

And you had the selection. AMS would constantly be firing!

I say no to this idea. I like the customization option, but that would only further upset the balance in this game.

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04-07-2013, 06:09 PM
Or they could just have the pets inherit your ship equipment.

The most important thing for me, though, would be for them to give us pet commands.
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04-07-2013, 06:36 PM
I agree having you pets using player equipment would be too much. But I dont see the pet ai being able to cope with the c-store consoles, they can barely use their own abilitys.

I also don't think the engine can currently support an equipable pet. BUt if one day it could, I would like to see somthing like this...

Pet (applys to all)

Weapon systems- Insert a special pet only console into this slot and it will apply to all pets. Each energy type would be represented allowing you to choose what energy type your pets use, as well as projectile type. Consoles would range in quality adding additional buffs or mixed energy types. Eould also have %based buffs to energy/projectile weapons, and any other tac based stat.

Engineering/Science systems - Again pet only console with a range of defensive/ propulsion combinations. % based boost to shields/hull/regeneration/propulsion/etc.

The standard abilitys should still be what the pet comes with, since having the ability to equip powers might me more than the ai can handle. The actual types of weapons (cannon, beam, torpedo, mine, etc) should aslo be locked, again ai.

As far as UI just ad 2 slots to any ship capeable of launching pets.

Making them commandable would be nice.
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04-08-2013, 12:32 AM
There's at least some effect on pets. The AM Burst console lets a galaxy saucer use that bility as well.

Even if the guns of the pets aren't exactly the same damage as what I am packing, it would be nice if they at least inherited the damage type and set graphics from the player ship, though my optimal setup is the pet inheriting equipment from specific slots and being bonused by it (for instance, Gamma vector gets deflector dish bonuses or galaxy saucer takes your energy weapons but can't take the projectiles)
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04-09-2013, 01:48 AM
Love any ability to upgrade pets, especially the Aquarius pet. Compared to Saucer Sep it is so lacking. I'd kill for it to get fighter commands and just make it function like a hangar. Basically get the benefit of commands and the much, much much lower respawn time of like Fek'lhri frigates or JHAS pets. I mean it'd actually give a bonus to staying in normal Odyssey mode instead of immediately hitting Chevron Sep as soon as possible.
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04-20-2013, 01:40 PM
How about a Saucer Elimination Console for Oddy and all Galaxy variants. While the console is equipped, the ship has no saucer section, and receives an increase in maneuverability, with a corresponding decrease in hull and crew. I don't know about you, but I have little use for the saucer as a pet, and the option to remove it altogether would definitely improve the performance of the Galaxy X.
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04-20-2013, 04:38 PM
I wouldn't mind if the pets inherited some of the attributes of your parent. All ship components (like saucers, etc) should inherit the weapons types and whatnot of their parent, if not their consoles.

Similarly, I understand that they want to make items "slottable", so you can stick things in and customize them. I could see pets becoming customizable to some extent, with each hangar pet having one "slot" to add something to them. It might be tricky to balance, though.

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