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The character setting under "Controls" called "Enable 3rd Person" is broken for both space and ground. Each time you zone the option resets to a default option. For those of us who prefer to fly and run in first person mode this is utterly frustrating.

How to reproduce the bug:
While in ground mode go to Settings>Controls>(Ground Control Scheme) Uncheck Enable 3rd Person Over the shoulder cam, Zone to space, rezone to ground, you are now back in 3rd person over the shoulder cam mode causing full zoom in to push your character off to the side rather than keep them centered and allow for first person mode.

While in space mode go to Settings>Controls>(Space Control Scheme) Check Enable 3rd Person Over the shoulder, Zone to ground, rezone to space, you are now back stuck with full zoom being an upclose view of the aft section of your ship rather than zooming fully inside to first person mode. This also happens if you remain in space or ground and enter an STF or Foundry mission of the same location type Such as being in space with the correct setting and entering a space STF. Your setting is lost as soon as you change maps.

I am not sure if the space settings are backward as well. Seeing as to me enabling 3rd person mode should disable first person and disabling 3rd person should enable first person mode.

I don't always run in first person but I abhor the camera positioning of both over the shoulder cam modes. I dislike the character being off to the side in ground even when running in 3rd person view. This would be a very very wonderful bug fix if it made it to the upcoming big patch for the expansion. I can't tell you how much myself and several of my fleet mates would appreciate not having to abuse our settings page anymore just to get to the viewing style we prefer. Thank you.
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04-07-2013, 08:57 PM
I can confirm this. It's highly annoying. Set the camera shoulder to off and it won't stay that way. Heck I sat there before with the options window open and set it to off then about 30 seconds later it switched back to the on position on its own.
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05-11-2013, 12:25 AM
The first person option is now completely missing in the latest tribble build.

Please Please Please Cryptic!!!! Tell me it's coming back. I so love zooming all the way in to my ship in space combat. its' distracting and un-trek like for me to be looking at my ship from the outside. Please bring the option back!!

As of now, the only work around i can find is to set "camoffset = 20;" to set my camera away from view of my ship. Doing first person that way works, but it resets often and needs to be re-typed into the console. It also offsets everything from center.

Please bring back the first person in space option!

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