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C Store, lockbox, or regular, what are the best options?
Is it pretty much Temporal Science Vessel or roll Fed?
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04-05-2013, 02:32 PM
I broke down and picked up a temporal ship for my Sci officer. I really enjoy the ship. It's a fluid, aggressive vessel suitable for monkeywrenching as opposed to healing and I'm glad for having it. Until they design a purposed KDF science ship I doubt there will be a better alternative.

While the functionality is nice aesthetically it looks like Klingon ship should with a long hull, blunt and menacing prow and sweeping, winged nacelles. The future hasn't twisted it beyond recognition. It is a beautiful and respectable looking ship.
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04-05-2013, 04:27 PM
How does it compare with the Vesta line for Feds? I'm debating getting the Vesta on my Fed char.
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04-05-2013, 04:36 PM
Don't forget that the Recluse carrier can be outfitted for science, a role at which it performs admirably given its immensely strong shields and hull, and dual hangar bays contributing some damage on your behalf.
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04-06-2013, 01:47 AM
I prefer it. The survivability in both hull and sheild strength is quite a bit better. Manoeuvrability is superior. The Vesta is more flexible because it offers more universal boff stations but it is a bit of a jack of trades more than a master so it's a tough call if this point point goes to the Vesta. Stripping both ships of special consoles and weapons and reviewing them as empty shells I would chose the Korath every time. With it's aux phasers and consoles the Vesta may be a compelling alternative but I don't find it as enjoyable a ship. I'm trying to find the "sweet spot" for a Vesta build on my fed science officer but find refinement of it is a compromise. On the other hand simply playing with the Korath has demonstrated that it glides into it's role with excess potential waiting to be explored.
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04-07-2013, 09:07 PM
Originally Posted by fearlessteapot View Post
C Store, lockbox, or regular, what are the best options?
Is it pretty much Temporal Science Vessel or roll Fed?
My KDF Sci's grind with the free Vo'quv.

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04-09-2013, 12:03 PM
heh I'm probably an outcast for this... and definitely in the minority. but i would actually reccommend using the B'rel of all things. At least in the case of PVP.

Why you ask? I'm Crazy you say? ... well... yes I am but there are still some very good reasons.

1) Built to be a torp boat. You can appear, launch a heavy spike damage assault, then vanish within seconds. it takes a lot of practice to master but it is an excellent support function to finish off already weakened enemies and/or harass and distract enemies.

2) said torpedo salvo's are further enhanced with a well timed sub nuke that disables their defenses (like tac team) getting more torps to the hull where their damage shines through. I call it the Cluster*beep* maneuver. preload spread 3 and 2, launch at the last seconds and fire another torp 3. subnuke in between just as the first torps would hit. *evil grin*

3) A b'rel, as a torp boat with the enhanced battle cloak, means you -want- to be in full aux anyways- supporting both the cloak and sci powers while NOT affecting torpedo damage output. Allowing you to run heals and support, crowd control, and still manage if not great, at least decent damage output.

4) Universal Boff consoles. Torpedo builds are extremely power efficient, requiring only a single lt.commander slot for tac1, spread 2 and spread 3. the rest can all be devoted to heals and support or crowd control.

5) That enhanced cloak itself. It means you don't need to even run any sort of powers maro to maintain your ship. you can pick and choose what to use when on yourself and your allies at your leisure, without having to worry greatly over being caught on cooldown. This makes you extremely efficient while minimising personal risk.

As a tip though, even with this stealth focused ship, I don't advise on skilling into ship stealth. running full aux is more than enough to buzz a sci ship at less than 1k and not be seen. Unless they have sensor sweep active at which point the buff provided by skilling is not enough to counter anyways. Just have a sci team to clear and good to go.

I Won't glaze over the problems though... it is a tricky ship to master and you will want to log a lot of hours in it before you see real results. Spending a lot of time without shields is dangerous business, and it is really easy to get revealed, decloaked, or locked down through the myriad of powers out there and people's ability to auto-lock on and macro things onto you. You have to be aware of your battleground and not lead the charge under any circumstances. ... Again playing into the typical sci toon focus of support. But it needs to be said.
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