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# 1 new Fleet Tor'Khat build help?
04-07-2013, 08:07 PM
So I hit 50 on my KDF tac toon the other day, I had originally planned to use my kdf toon to just "unwind" with. (you know the usual, go into Ker'rat and blow up mid level ships and pwn fed's just there for the dilithium daily, had great success with that) but I find myself really enjoying my KDF tac.

previously I played a fed engi, was a lot of fun pve, but I find the dps lacking in endgame stf's and fleet actions (consistent first and second place in sb 24 as long as its during the rep or fleet marks event, where most pro's are spending their antiprotons) which imho isnt bad for an engi in an oddysey ops beamboat, tho he is built for dps in a beamboat, which i know is selfish, I just don't like playing the role of healer, I like to tank, or dish out damage, both of which he does well solo, and in pug's but its not enough to carry a team by any means. I tried a fed tac but i dislike federation escorts, they are somewhat cumbersome (except perhaps the defiant, which I have yet to pilot), and to me too non canon for the experience Im pursuing.

Ive been playing in BoP's up until now, and decided to spend my fleet creds on a Tor'Khat, after reading its capabilites at unleashing hell and taking its fair share, and my previous success with a non-dps oriented Cruiser fed side. So after dumping pretty much all of my mains ec bundle (which was supposed to go towards a d'kora) I still am not completely happy with his output and wondered if there were any major or minor tweaks I could do for the meantime to get me through the rep grind, and maybe even perform well enough for ESTF's (which as an engi, was a pita)

Keep in mind I havent even completed t1 of either rep, as improving my build to make that grind easier is my main goal, as well as be able to compete in pvp. (grabbing some boff slots out of the cstore isnt out of the question.


3xDHC AP 1x QT (all purple)
3xAP turrets

the simple three bonus purple deflector mkxii (game is down so I cant login to get the name)
mkxii blue combat impulse

2x RCS 2x Neuts
2x mkxi blue field emitter
mkxii mag consoles 2 blue, 2 purple


CRF1, CRF2, HYT1, tt1 (2x), DEM2

As I cant login I can't recall if I missed anything boffwise.

Doff's I run kinda what I have atm. a couple conn officers, and green techs

Ive considered switching to APO3 perhaps, and getting an alternate engineering boff to replace the EWP2 with EPTW or engines, or even sif for extra tankiness.

A couple questions as well, does threat control have a direct impact on damage output? the way its worded sounds as though it would, but with my engi I was under the impression it just made you more threatening.

Any help would be appreciated. I wanted to use equip that would be interchangable on my hegh'ta until I can get a good fleet BoP for pvp, and hopefully boff's that wouldnt need retrained everytime I swapped ships. I havent bought any boff slots atm, so having one or two dedicated to bc and vice versa isnt out of the question. Im still noob so im learning one day at a time. lol.

Would a destroyer be a better bet in the end?
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04-08-2013, 09:42 AM
As a tac and since you are already using tech doffs i'd recommend a single aux to battery build.


After your alpha strike (tt-apb-cs-ts-eptw-dem) use apo1 and then a2b2.

You'll be able to cycle abilities quicker. Use purple tech doffs from the b'tran colony chain. Or the cheapest blues you can find on the exchange.

The only threat consoles that increase damage output are the ones that add plasma proc to weapons.
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04-08-2013, 09:55 AM
Ive enjoyed this set up for my Tac.

EPTS1 (or EPTA1 / EPTW1)

(3) Tech doffs
(2) BFI doffs

Its fragile for BC but is alot of fun to play with.

Cycle A2B A2D CSV TS BO2 EPTS EPTx and ApO1 plus Fomm on a keybind and prep yoir alphas with TI ApA and DEM3
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