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04-14-2013, 02:49 AM
Hello all, a friend of mine has started a sister channel to the popular EliteSTF for those of us than enjoy the ground STFs and aren't scared of a challenge. Alos it's to help the clutter when the other channel is active by funneling ground queues to this channel. Below are a few rules since this is a serious channel for STFs. Please read before attempting to join.

1. No prejudice, racism, arguing, foul language, or slandering in this channel

2. The same method of group finding applies (LF4M KAGE, Etc) and unless it becomes confusing there's no need to moderate how your code word is used. In otherwords "X" will work as long as you're the only one and you say it's full when a team if found.

3. This is a private channel for a reason, we don't want people that don't know what they're doing coming in and pretending they know. If you don't know what to do THEN SAY SO and we'll help you.

4. Please don't argue with an admin in the channel. If you have a problem to report then PM or send a message to one of us and we'll deal with it.

5. No spamming this channel, now I want to elaborate on this concept. Some chatter isn't a problem until it inteferes with people looking for teams, and if it becomes a problem then I would hope all members will take it upon themselves to stop. If they do not an admin will step in and politely ask that you stop. If you continue to ignore the request we reserve the right to mute you, the channel, or kick someone if it becomes necissary. We're not unfair or "channel gods," we're here to have fun but we must make sure others do as well.

6. If you would like to learn how to run with the best on ground, as I said earlier ask and we'll help. But keep in mind, if you're not willing to learn or are arguementative with friendly advice then you may find yourself gone. I'm not saying we'll drop you at the first disagreement and we all make mistakes so don't worry. If you're willing to learn there won't be a problem, even if you do "suck on ground" lol.

Currently the admin is @axel667 (myself) and the owner, @Kouchkiller, we're both members of the EliteSTF channel so if you see one of us in your match and want an invite just ask us or PM/message us and we'll get you in.


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