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First off; I want to mention a good job for the new Romulan faction...

Second; people at cryptic always mention the lack off civilize conversation regarding to complaint and unpopular decision; so let's keep this clean shall we.

I would like to ask you mr.stahl or any forum member; how you feel about Toyota selling you cars that have issue with engines stuck at 5000 rpm on the highways at 70 miles per hour; how you feel about buying a brand new 3D tv that comes with no 3D glasses; or even about having china selling you some Nike shoe twice the price they sell to you feel the train that mention in big letters " I screwed you big time"

Now imagine how I feel when I pay for the tachyon mines and you guys nerf it bad; while I have only one character; a science guys; my sole purpose is to strip shield; I don't see any striping fun now; what I see is a vertical line off frustrated science geek who's money will be invested into a better location...

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04-05-2013, 12:14 AM
So you are saying that you would be angry with Toyota for fixing a stuck throttle? For fixing something broken that wasn't functioning as intended? For making the car driveable so it can get along with all the other cars of the highway? And preventing people from using the stuck throttle as an excuse to get out of speeding fines?

I don't get it?
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04-05-2013, 12:28 AM
I think he is mad that toyota didnt also sell some common sence with that "defect". like putting the car in neutral, or shutting off the engine.

Really the car analogys have to stop. If you had read the TOS you signed before playing the game it basicaly states.

"We agree to take you money and give you this product, We reserve the right to change the product in anyway we see fit or take the product away from you even after you have paid for it, and are in no way responsible for a refund."
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04-05-2013, 12:43 AM
come on....who the heck really reads the TOS?

Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
I find this line of replies sadly hilarious. We put a lot of work into the massive list of fixes/changes above, and ya'll are hung up on the ability to skip our content. =p
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04-05-2013, 01:33 AM
Tach mines drain shields, power insulators are suppose to resist drains. I don't understand your rage

I also own Tach mines..... the changes make sense to me... then again... I favor balance..
I'll stop kicking that horse when the bugs fixed. Until then as a paying consumer, I will voice my opinion.
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04-05-2013, 04:51 PM
Originally Posted by cynder2012 View Post
come on....who the heck really reads the TOS?
While I'm sure that was in jest the fact remains, you don't have to read it. You agreed to it.
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04-05-2013, 05:36 PM
I really don't like it when you buy something with real money or currencies acquired with real money to by a specific item, then that item gets nerfed with in a week or two. I can understand keeping things balanced but at the same time i bought something advertised one way and it doesn't work in that way. *COUGHLTSCOUGH* Frankly though given Cryptics history with promotions vs reality, i now expect it to be "less than advertised".

For me i think they could negate some of this by adding a few small quality of life changes at no cost to themselves, a little nicety here to distract from the blemish there, like making Lobi Account bound rather than character. I've already paid to open the box, why can't i used it for all of my characters? That way i can't really complain about the nerfing of mines when i can use the left over lobi to by another set for my other characters.

Another possible idea is to refund a few lobi after a nerf, maybe 5-10 depending on what all they nerfed. It's not breaking the bank, but it's something for the troubles. Or adding a little something to what ever is being nerfed would be interesting. A higher proc rate for less damage? Wider firing arc? There's a lot of possibilities to keep customers happy when giving them something that's less than what it was advertised as.
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04-06-2013, 07:01 AM
Regardless of whatever TOS a company puts up, they are still legally liable to what is called 'bait and switch'.

And what they did is literally bait and switch.

Offer one product, you buy it and it is not the item you paid for. Cellphone carriers a long time ago lost a big legal battle precisely because of this crap. They offered cellphones advertised to have X capabilities. People bought them.... and less than a year later the X capabilities were downgraded and in some cases disabled because the company did not want to continue supporting them. They refused to refund the phones or trade them in some way.

Cryptic is doing the same thing. They sell you X item with X capabilities and then at a whim it gets downgraded without any warning nor compensation.

Funny thing its not hard for them to put a function in the lobi store vendor to refund lobi items even if it had an extra cost in latinum or dilithium.
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04-06-2013, 07:15 AM
Tachyon mines needed to chain to PI resistance.

However, because the KDF side on draining builds still can shut you down even with 9 skill points, PI is an OP resistance, hence drains in FED side are useless.

Tried to bring balance in the wrong way.

I think a shift is needed to BOFF powers being the main focus and equipment granting bonus to that skill.

In tachyon mines case, chained to if the tachyon beam or CPB skill are present, flow cap skill and AUX power. In this way they add and if all 3 are used at the same time an effective shield strip and a debuff on target shield resistance, even with 6 points in PI.
On the other hand if they are used without any of the BOFF skills being present, no flow cap skill and low AUX then clearly should be useless.
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04-06-2013, 07:30 AM
Seriosuly though, the car analogy is broken on the sole fact that this is a living game that needs to be rebalanced at all times. Thus, the devs can and and will do whatever it takes to make the game fun fro EVERYONE.

Also, the ToS CLEARLY states that anything and everything in the game, purchased or not, can and will be modified, up or down, at anytime with or without warning, and with or without a refund or compensation. This is THEIR sever, THEIR programing. We are just using it. The Devs are trying to fix it along the way.

Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post

Cryptic is doing the same thing. They sell you X item with X capabilities and then at a whim it gets downgraded without any warning nor compensation.
This is not done "at whim". They nerf and buff stuff in order to bring the ever sought after Balance to the game. Taychon mines were created, put in game. Cool! Everyone has fun. But then they found that the mines are doing too much damage, are irresistible, and are not working as intended. So, they fix the code so that they are now doing an appropriate amount of damage, ships can resist it, and other players have a chance to survive them and return fire.

One hit insta kill abilities does not a fun game make. Fix it. More people have fun. More people play. More profit. WOOT Everyone wins!

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