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# 1 Tailor options bugs
04-08-2013, 09:21 AM
KDF Classic Tunic, has the wrong shirt. the shirt it is using is a Federation OffDuty Shirt. (admittedly it looks nice on the KDF female body) however it is not the Classic KDF tunic that we have access to in game now.

KDF Alien customization, the male/female (Gender Swap) icons have no effect
FED Alien customization, the male/female (Gender Swap) icons crash the game.

Alien customization (both sides), the facial (and hair) templates stay active for players to accidentally click on and undo any facial customization they wanted for their captain. this remains up even when editing the Uniform or Body

Alien customization KDF side, clicking on a facial configuration you did not want in the Body or uniform Tab the UNDO button Does not revert the head to it's previous state. clicking on the head tab and then clicking UNDO, partially reverts the error but not completely, coloration is not reverted, but selected facial pieces are.

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