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Originally Posted by latinumbar View Post
You have a poor understanding of how these things work. Some ques will pop immediately, depending on which one you choose. I never wait more than 1 minute for a starbase 24 que for example. There are PLENTY of players that que for this mission.

The instance only starts if there are enough people playing it, so there will always be a 'minimum' number of players to complete it. Fleet actions like starbase 24 have no trouble getting completed. STFs will depend on the quality of the players.

90% of the missions in the game are 'soloable'. Being an MMO, there needs to be some content that is group oriented. Be glad that there is a large chunk that is not.
This! There is no problem whatsoever with queues popping in pve. THe only latency in queue popping is in pvp. Even then, in you'll only wait a few minutes at most.

This isn't like other MMOs where you have a certain number of each type of player to start a queue. Every player and every ship is capable of doing any type of role needed. Thus, you don't sit there waiting for a DPS-class or a tank-class to queue that event. You just need 5 different players to queue the event. Even at the relative dead hours that I play (Late night America) Queues pop instantly.
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Originally Posted by kyeto13 View Post
...Even at the relative dead hours that I play (Late night America) Queues pop instantly.
This has not been my experience thus far.
I'm not doubting your experience, it just hasn't been mine. It may have been a matter of the half dozen attempts I made over the past few weeks just didn't happen to "pop" quite so instantaneously, and in my impatientness, I decided to not bother with such missions.

But, it would seem others have had far better success then I. Perhaps I'll try again later and see.
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Originally Posted by tangolight View Post
I'm actually not sure it's possible to do all the normal episode missions and not already be max level, just from the amount of skill points they give. Have you really finished all the episode missions in your mission journal, through to the Undine arc?

Actually, I don't think that's possible either, just because of the level restrictions on later ones. Also, there are all the patrol missions you can get by flying up to most planets, adventure zone areas like Nukara, Defera, and New Romulus.

Add in other experiences such as Duty Officers, Dilithium Mining, Diplomatic missions, accolade hunting (if that's your thing), and Foundry missions, there's a lot to do.

As for multiplayer stuff, the non-STF events mostly all happen fairly quickly with minimal waiting, and very rarely do you have to worry about not having enough players or anything. You should really give it a try before you dismiss them.

Also pay attention to the hourly events that happen, which you can see in your mission journal. When those are going on, those particular events usually pop near instantaneously when you queue for them, and ones like the Mirror Universe event are fun and profitable from a skill point perspective when they occur.

Also keep in mind that you can do other things while in queue. You don't have to sit there and wait. You can work on your doff assignments, you can do another mission, you can run around - you don't have to stay in any one place and just wait.
Assuming normal means only missions that do not involve other players or ques, I am a captain, currently at a point where the only missions available are...not normal. Of course exceptions are those repeatable missions which I can do even though the timers are actively counting down when I can do them for premium rewards such as explore 3 unknown systems for x dilithium.

Other then those, I have quite a number of missions available which are "fleet actions," or go sit in a que.

I agree there are the patrol missions, I did mention those as something I could do in the mean time, but I referred to them as randoms because they are not handed out by contacts, they are just systems you fly into.
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Originally Posted by khayuung View Post
I'll just say that I've noticed increasingly solo activities in MMOs these days. I think its actually because there aren't many new good solo games these days, that MMOs end up sucking up all of them.

Having the latest hot anime about how a solo player owns several MMOs doesn't help.
I solo mostly because of my experience with other MMOs. I've quit so many guilds/super groups/clans because of drama. The last MMO I came from was City of Heroes which I played for nearly 7 years, and after uncountable SuperGroups falling apart because of drama, I came to realize, I can have more fun playing the game if I solo only, and don't waste any time investing in online friendships.
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Originally Posted by astimingpyle View Post
I am a captain, currently at a point where the only missions available are...not normal.
Yeah, you must still have some episode mission left. The minimum level cap of the last episode mission is 47, Rear Admiral.

Keep leveling boy, you'll get there.
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I see farther up the thread you're not level 50 yet, which would go some distance to explain the queue waits, and why your experience doesn't match with what people are telling you is the case.

There's three general ways queues treat levels:

Fleet actions, mirror event, and some others are level banded. You'll only be grouped with people of your rank. There are a lot of max rank players in the queues at any given time, but lower than that is spotty - most of them are doing other things to level, and few of them stay in any given rank for long.

Fleet mark missions level match to max. You can do them any level and they're pretty reliably fast queues, but the way level matching works if you're not 30-40 you'll have a rough time in the missions.

STFs, rep missions, and no win scenario are level restricted. You can only join if you're high enough level, 40+ for some and 50-only for the rest.

Starbase 24 is the first type, so unless you're in the top level band it's not a reliable queue.

Check for patrol systems, do exploration clusters, repeat missions that had good rewards for upgraded versions, or hit the Foundry for a while. The queues can be hit or miss below 50, but at 50 most of them are very reliable.

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I understand the OP.

I solo because human beings are awful. Doubly awful in online games. Be thankful there's no teabag emote.

Patrols are fun. But be warned: The patrol missions are open instances. They've also been the times I've teamed up with other players and its been good fun. Other times you get killed because they're twenty levels higher and wont help you with the enemies that are now at their level. They're crapshoots.

Basically: Play the Foundry. Play the patrols and don't sweat the forced teaming. Leave PvP and the STFs to the epeen crowds. And when you run out of that, go do something else and come back in a few months. The game is long past the drought years and there will be new stuff for you to do when you get back.
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You can turn off the open team for patrols. It's on one of the tabs when you open your social settings. There should be a check box or a drop down menu to turn it off. Can't remember off hand, but it's one of the first things I turned off. Should be set to "closed team" and not "open team" if I remember correctly.

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90% of my daily activity is solo. I run a couple of STFs a day with fleet mates, and we do a starbase defense every other day or so. We have an active cross-fleet chat.

But mostly I fly around, doff all the things, run a few dilithium missions, play the exchange game.

I was happy before I joined a fleet. No reason why you can't be. Almost all of the content in the game is designed for solo players- even the "fleet action" missions in the queue. They don't require you to know anyone or anything.
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What's odd if you do the regular episodic content, you'll level up at a decent rate. I'm leveling my engineer alt just by story missions + doff diplomacy missions. He's at 44 now and about 4 episodes to go to finish the normal Cardassian storyline and then start the FE episodes. And I solo'd all the content up to that point.

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