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I am new to the game but i been playing for a while. I am not a hardcore player, but i do try to make it to fleet operations. I am also 38 years old. I been playing multi player games even since doom came out. I do learn quickly. My main is Romulan who just hit 50. I would like a fleet that does do pvp and pve. They must also understand that my family and my job come first. I been a gamer since commodore came out and ever since that time. But gaming will always be last in importance.

my email
I play eastern time. i am also a jersey boy.
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10-15-2014, 09:57 PM
Hello, I am June and my @handle is @texasborn. I am from the guild New Legacy Guild. Our Fed fleet is New Legacy and our KDF fleet is House of Legacy. We are all from various locations and family/life backgrounds. Our motto is Real Life First. Here is some info on the guild, please look through it and see if we are a fit for you. Feel free to try us out as well

Our fleet website is stolegacy.guildlaunch.com

Our Youtube channel is New Legacy Guild Youtube Channel

Our Facebook page is New Legacy Guild Facebook Page

Our Steam Channel is New Legacy / House of Legacy NLHoL

Follow us on Twitter @newlegacyguild

It is our desire to provide a fun and challenging gaming enviroment. When you have questions or need some help, we won't throw you out an airlock. Running as a team is something we love to do whether it's helping you level up, earn your gear, or learn how the STFs work. We won't insult you and we will listen to your ideas for the fleet. While some of our leadership is fairly young, most of our leadership began in Beta.

Feel free to holler at us ingame and check your ingame mail

Contact @QFISH, @Tiberius_805, @Pappy02us, @jimmed, @yojimbojohn, @woobish, or @NCODB to join the fleet.


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