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04-09-2013, 04:48 PM
It stuck around, but it's not like it really made much of a difference. Mirandas don't last long against a cube in elite STFs. If it actually did something besides die, I wouldn't really mind. I've never had it extend shields or anything like that, just shows up, pops off a few shots, gets caught in a tractor beam, and then hit with a heavy plasma torpedo. Those things have a tendancy to take the fight right out of a Miranda. Perhaps instead of my original idea, maybe each type of ship that shows up gives you some kind of a bonus, or a heal. Mirandas/cruisers can give you a hull heal and a structural integrity buff, science vessels give you a shield heal and a shield power buff, and escorts/battleships give you a weapon power buff and remove debuffs to your ship, or boarding parties. In addition, which ever ship shows up still fights with you to try to relieve some pressure. This way fleet support would become a more viable option and better worth the 10 minute cooldown.
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