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# 1 Laaaaaaaaag (Interface issue)
04-11-2013, 01:12 PM
Ever since the patch today, all the interface stuff has been extremely laggy. Be it manually activating powers in space, using the exchange, moving things from my fleet bank to my inventory, or moving anything in general, I've been getting up to five or ten seconds of lag.

The game executes whatever action I've told it to do, but it doesn't remove the items from the original location or put them at the target location for five to ten seconds, and in the case of powers they won't go on cooldown or read as having been activated for that duration.

This is profoundly annoying, and especially bad as it means I can't really use the exchange to buy things that I see because it takes a good half a minute to process, or to post an item up, and is pretty much just unusable.

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