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Hi guys

bit of a strange one, I left the File Planet download manager running for a few hours night before last, when I checked it again the download had not started and I was still in the queue. I closed down the download manager and shut the PC down as I was off to work.

When I fired up the PC last night, it continually freezes at desktop, runs like an absolute dog, will not let me into Task Manager before freezing/locking and often wont even log into desktop before logging.

My machine was running tip top before using this damn download manager. I have now uninstalled the File Planet software whilst in Safe Mode however this has made no difference.

No virus / malware infection, recently defragged the drive and cleared a load of stuff off so space not an issue. This problem happened immediately after installing the File Planet download manager and leaving it queueing for the OB install download.

My spec is

AMD Phenom Quad Core
2Gb Memory
Nvidia 260GT

Any ideas...?

Gonna try a full system repair / restore tonight but I could be looking at formatting and reinstalling the OS here

Not impressed!!


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