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Okay, the new CE is imminently better than the old version. Maybe a tad too easy. Course my fleet (12th) just rocks, but anywho, to the point.

Would it be better, for the sake of, to call it all what this is, a raid party setup style, to have a party bracket set, that shows all 10 players, rather than the old 5 toon setup, that doesn't show the other half of the 'raid' party? I think it all comes down to party healing, for captains that want to support such. Gets kinda chaotic in a CE, and it 'may' be easier for fleets that organize, to help have such a proper 'raid' bracket, for better targeting of captains that need such help.

If there is such an option to be had, please inform, though from all the 10 to 20 captain events I've done, I've never noticed such an option, and if such I am not mistaken, it could be something that 'would' be a useful upgrade in the future, if not near future. It not a game breaker deal, but it 'does' feel like it's an option that's warranted.

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