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I bought the game on Steam yesterday and decided to try it out today, I install and fire it up without a problem and when the server came back up yet again tried to make a toon, about ten minutes later it locks up with some crazy graphical artifacts and patterns all over the screen, I had to cold start it and when the system was back up my graphics card was dead, gone, I had to reinstall it before it worked again, there was no error message.

I tried again a bunch of times with no sucess, same lock up but no dissapering card, I tried checking the temps and everything was fine and cool, I tried using various 9x drivers to no effect, messed around with game settings and nada.... so im at a loss here and have no clue how to try fix this, I have zero problems running other games including CO. My system is middle of the road.

9800 GTX+
Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E6750 @ 2.66GHz
4 gig of Ram
Thermaltake Armor
Vista 32 bit

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