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Hi All,

Iím not sure how everyone else feels about this but I have a suggestion that I feel would improve player to player dynamics and make the game that much more interesting to play. Itís not a bug as such so Iím posting it here to get some feedback for the community so the devs can take a look at possibly making a change. Currently in game handles remain the same no matter what character is in use. This helps keeping in touch with other players of course but IMHO game handles should match the name (in some way) of the character currently in use.

Why? For lots of reasons, firstly it make for a much more enjoyable RP experience and from the best I can gather STO is probably going to have one of the largest (if not the largest) RP community out of all the MMOís out there. Secondly it will make the in game Ďpoliticalí dynamics that much more realistic. For example, with the way things are atm spying is simply not possible and this makes for a much more interesting game when you have the possibility of spies in the ranks. Also, what is the point of having multiple characters if I am doomed to only really ever have one Ďsocialí experience with everyone that knows me in game? Perhaps I get a bit bored of the character and role Iím playing and want to try something else in game with a new group of players but donít want to totally jump ship (no pun intended). Surely this will increase the longevity of my time with the game (as I know Cryptic are very keen on developing) and thus keep people subscribed for longer?

I digress, so anyone know (devs or otherwise) if this something that is due to change or not? How does everyone out there feel about the way things are set up at the moment with handles and do you have an opinions on the change I am proposing? I would be very interested to know what people think about this and if they think it would be a good/bad idea so please discuss!

Kind Regards,

Joshua, Foster, George, or whatever my name isÖ
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01-13-2010, 04:58 AM
I like it the way it is now because it let you use what ever character name you want without having to worry about it being taken by another player.

I prefer to see <char name>@enterprise-d than hunders of chars named xxx<char name>xxx or <char name>1 or <ch4r n4me> or ooo<char name>ooo or ... ... you got the idea... all over the place.

the @enterprise-d part only show up in chat anyways and only the name is shown above the character so I don't see how it would ruin RP.
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01-14-2010, 04:58 AM
can an admin please move this post to 'general gameplay'

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