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02-13-2010, 01:49 PM
I had the exact same problems as all of you. I discovered that it was my antivirus that was blocking it. I use COMODO. Start up comodo, go to Firewall, go to Define a New Trused Application, browse for STO and click it. Problem solved for me
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02-27-2010, 11:14 AM
Ive read most of the threads about this.... I am a Network Specialist, also was asked to be a Magistrate...

This is now FRAUD.... the reason I say this, is the conduct of the software owners, Fraud is to "obtain money by deception", so in this case people are paying in the idea they will have a game to play, when it’s not happening.

What defines fraud is the actions of the party who started it, normally by blaming everyone else beyond their control, thereby making it appear "legitimate" why what ever you want you cant get “it must be the ISP”, “it has to be your firewall”, “if you cant get to out servers....”

Its obvious no one cat get to “your servers” as the game won’t load! I don’t think the reason it doesn’t work is in dispute, however what seems to be in dispute is a “fix” to make it work, and this part alone makes the whole “fraud” case...

Of course it might be ignorance on the developers behalf but with a company who has other items working, that wouldn’t hold up, means fraud is the only other answer..

This is what’s happening here....

As an overview, it’s not a firewall issue on the PCs!
"I’ve turned off all my firewalls and it still doesn’t work"

Doesn’t seem to be a router issue
"Ive port forded ports 7000-7500 and it still doesn’t work"

Doesn’t seem to be the software itself
"Ive used the "-autopatchtimeout 10 and doesn’t work"

So the only thing left is the holding company, maybe there’s no service to connect to....

I invite you to correct me here, i welcome and REAL fix to test..... prove me wrong owners!

Many Thanks
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07-01-2010, 04:34 AM
I found the same problem when i was trying to launch the game and maybe found a solution.

So i went straight into the installation folder, which in my case was c:\program files\steam as I bought the game through Steam. If you aren't running the game through Steam then just go to where ever the game is installed. I then double clicked the 'star trek online.exe' from there. IT WORKED.

So I deleted the desktop shortcut and sent this .exe file to the desktop as a shortcut.

Problem solved. I don't know why the original shortcut doesn't work
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