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Once we reach VA some of us specialize and make new characters. But others branch out and experiment with different ships and different load outs. For many of us who do this changing ships can be a time consuming process as we swap over are unique or expensive equipment. Others of us are affluent enough to buy as many zero point modules and [acc]x3 heavy cannons as we want, but as we are unable to claim multiple copies of the same ship we still have to spend time swapping gear around when we wish to change between different load outs.

It would be nice to have a 'ship equipment inventory' and and interface element that lets us save 2 or three different loadouts, boff and doff selections per ship. These loadouts could swap equipment with that in the 'ship equipment inventory' that would be shared between ships.

Presumably cryptic could charge us for the privilege of expanding our ship inventories.

Thoughts or better suggestions?
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04-14-2013, 10:38 AM
I have thought about this previously.

It would be cool to be able to save a couple of different configurations on your ships. Such as, equipping plasma resistant gear and anti-Borg weapons when you play STFs, and switch back to conventional weaponry when doing other things.

I was going to say part of the reason they may not have it was due to it being unrealistic, since it normally requires a starbase to upgrade ships, but basically it would just automate the process of moving items from your inventory into place and changing BOFFs.

Now I do not think that it should give you MORE SPACE for BOFFS, just change the assignments.
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04-14-2013, 11:38 AM
I experiment with different strategies by having 9 VAs with 9 different setups. Seriously... Not all of them use different ships but they all play differently.

I can haz joystick!
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