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EDIT: Species list added

it'd be nice to have some real-time missions, such as terraforming Mars some more, or some planetary development on planets in Earth's Solar System that eventually leads to something real cool. It can be done over the span of one season, so as one season progresses, we can see its development. We wouldn't be able to actually affect its development as it's going to be done over the course of that season anyways. However, getting involved would get you a nice reward.

The Klingons can have a project to rebuild Praxis to stabalise the planet's orbit.

Risa could have a few missions that will eventually give you an accolade that increases your health and regeneration. You learn to relax! Andoria could help you develop resistance or better meele skills. Doing oh... 50 combats on Andoria would give you +5 bonus resistance to all ground stats. Winning 50 matches would give you +5 damage increase on meele.

Bonus missions on your species homeworld could boost your species' automatic traits. Bajor, could be go get a orb. First time, get plus 1 to your stats, 20 times, plus 2, 50 times, plus 5.

(50 times would be the cap) The missions wouldn't be that easy. Andoria would actually be a pVp event and must be a victory to get it. Yeah I can see a flaw with that, a fleet could just set two people up, one sit there and get killed 50 times, but that's a long time to be beaten up. The reward could be 2,000 xp and skill points, 450 dil and the accolade. Bajor could be a STF, team of 5 to get the orb from a cardassian outpost. Vulcan would be a single player, like a sector patrol. You answer a bunch of logic questions, do some running around, and solve some sort of problem without violence, anger or any emotions.

Earth would be some sort of great project to develop the solar system, such as a terraforming project on Mars. Humans would be able to improve their teamwork trait by working to better the lives of the people of Sol System.

Ferengi would have to do a bunch of exchange deals and buy/sell stuff to vendors, something like sell 300, get 3 percent off, sell 1000, get 10 percent off, capped there.

Klingons, that's easy. Kill 500 people, get 1 percent to damage stats, kill 5,000 people, 5 percent to all damage stats with a bonus to meele. Get killed 50 times, get 1 percent to resistance, get killed 500 times, 5 percent to all resistance, with a bonus to kinetic. Consume 10 blood wine, get 1 percent improvement to the blood wine bonus (when drinking it) drink it 100 times, get 5 percent.

It would be nice to add exploration missions to those worlds, or bonus missions that improves our characters. It would spread us out, yes, but we would be on different worlds. Andoria could be a ground pvp arena and a focus point for those who want to fight on the ground. Combat there would give your character a greater change to do meele damage. I'm so tired of everyone hanging out on ESD. The Terretite homeworld could be debates, a few combat missions and the like to improve resistance to kickback.

Klingons would be able to access all but the Earth mission by Dip. immunity. Feds could access, by the same method, the fighting ground in the Klingon Empire to gain or improve warrior/honourable traits. (the klingon arena would be the same as Andoria but getting warrior/honourable instead)


Human - 5 percent team exploit damage = Partaking in a terraforming project in the Sol system will increase this to 10 percent. Non-human species would get 5 percent increase to repair rates.

Andorian - Partaking in 5 pvp ground matches on Andoria (which shall be a 1 on 1, meele weapons only, and can only be queried on Andoria itself) would earn you 1 percent bonus exploit damage. 20 - 5%, 50 - 10%. Non-Andorians will get a base of 1, 5, 10 percent respectfully to meele damage.

Bajorans - Completing a specific STF which shall be a quest on the elite setting, into Cardassian space in which a team of 5 must defeat a rogue cardassian force both in orbit and on the ground. The objective shall be to retrieve an Orb. IF this is split into two stfs, then you need to do them both. Completing the optional shall grant you a 5 percent heal received. Completing this STF 50 times shall give you a bonus of 10 percent regeneration.

Benzite - A doff chain assignment, located only on Memory Alpha requiring research data shall unlock an accolade that gives you a bonus of +5 resist energy and physical damage. Repeats of this doff chain would just give bonus medical xp. Failure chance would be higher as you progress along the chain. It's genetic engineering to make you tougher to environments. Benzites who complete this will get plasma resistance as well as the bonus +5 resist.

Betazoids. If their homeworld isn't created, perhaps this can be done on Vulcan as a project. It would be a daily in which you must go alone. It is unsharable. You must enter a base defended by Betazoids and other telepaths and do a maze in which you cannot be caught, arriving at the finish line. There is no time limit. If you are caught, you fail. All the defenders are linked so you can't just take one down quickly. Completing this will reduce your threat generation. Betazoids who complete this will have an increase to team regeneration as well as a reduction in threat generation. Species with a telepath will have a diplomacy option.
-- I want this one to be hard, but possible. The defenders move about in patrols, much like that time mission where you must go through the TOS starbase and avoid the patrols. Patrols can be locked in a room on this mission as well. Complete this daily once, and it's a 1 percent bonus. --
Complete it 10 times and it's a 5 percent bonus. Complete it 50 times and it's a 10 percent bonus. Honestly to do this 50 times shows dedication.

Bolian - Taking from their ability to deal toxic damage when bitten, a genetic engineering project on Memory Alpha, done by doff, again with an increasing chance of failure will result in nanites in your body that deals a shock when bitten or dealt physical damage. Completing of this assignment chain will give you the ability to return 10 percent damage when struck by meele or being bitten every two minutes. (got to give the little buggers time to recharge). The Doff chain gives medical and engineering xp. Bolians get a bonus 10 percent toxic resistance as well.

Saruian - I don't think Saruia is ingame, so... daily combat training in the jungles of Risa shall give 10 percent bonus to stealth sight. 1, 10, 50 for a 1, 5, 10 percent bonus respectfully. Saruians would get a bonus of 1, 5, 10 percent respectfully for exploit damage on top.

Trill /Joined Trill- The Dominion has captured a Joined Trill and separated the host from the symbiote for an experiment to pass down genetic memory. They didn't mention this in the accords at DS9. Intelligence found out and you, along with 4 other officers, must land on an 'abandoned' base and make your way to the research lab, fighting past Jem'hadars and confronting a powerful changeling. Completing the STF would award you with the joined trill officer. Now you don't really get the trill officer, but you get the bonus. 1, 10, 50 again for increased starship stats of 1, 5, 10. Trills get a bonus health regeneration, again, 1, 5, 10.

Vulcan - A daily mental exercise, much like the starfleet history tests 101/102 on Earth but this time on Vulcan shall increase your Logical bonus. Again, 1, 10, 50, for 1, 5, 10 percent increase. Vulcans get a bonus to increased willpower.

Ferengi - Sell 50 stuff to vendors/exchange, get reductions in prices for all vendors by 1. 500, by 5, 1000 by 10. Ferengi gets this bonus doubled.


Klingons - Kill 50, 500, 5000 people. 50 people gets 5 percent meele and crit damage. 500 gets 5 percent energy weapon damage. killing 5,000 people get a 10 percent increase threat generation but another 5 percent damage resistance. Klingons who complete the 5,000 kills gets a purple Mark XII weapon of their choice- Pistol or Bat'leth with 80 percent shield penetration, dmgx3.

Gorn - The detizens of Rura Penthe has revolted. The General overseeing the security of the prison decides to make target practice of the prisoners. A stf, 5 teamer, lands on the asteroid and fights through the cold exterior environment, then enters the prison, slaughtering all who stand. It turns out that a Gorn Royal planned the revolt and you must kill him, plus his escorts to win. His shield is good so it's faster to kill him with meele weapons. 1, 10, 50 for a 1, 5, 10 bonus physical and energy resistance. Gorns get a bonus of .5 percent, 2 percent and a 5 percent increase to melee damage knockback.

Lethean - J'mpok sends you on a daily mission to steal federation secrets from top starfleet officers. This mission can be shared. Non-Letheans gain a bonus to exposure duration and chance, 1, 5, 10 percent to 1, 10, 50, respectfully. Letheans get the bonus for rapture as well.

Nausicaans - Destroy 100, 500, 1,000 ships, gain, 2, 5, 10 percent increase, respectfully, to all energy weapons, space only. Nausicaans get a 2, 5, 10 percent increase to stealth, respectfully.

Orions- Orions love to raid and capture slaves. However honestly? There's a lot of damage to the klingons side so... let's give them a trader's bonus. Orions get a 2, 5, 10 percent increase to their sales at vendors based on how many drops they get, regardless of value. 50 drops -2, 250 drops - 5, 750 drops - 10 percent. Orions have this bonus doubled.


Federation Klingons still get the bonus their KDF counterparts get.

Liberated Borg (species) get the bonus of their species.


I plan to do a planet accolade for certain worlds, to be introduced as I get your feedback.

Boreth and Risa. foot races for running speed. Longer and faster running time.

Boreth- Trial by fire. Longer you stand still, the more damage you take. The ground and air are hot and will kill you. Cross the finish line before you die for a reward. Each time increases your running speed and endurance for a max of 20 percent. First place gets a purple item. 2nd, blue. 3rd, green and just surviving gets you a random white drop plus 450 dil. You die, you fail. The others can knock you down.
Risa - Lovely run by the beach. Same as above but without the fire and threat of death.
I think a nice round 100 times for the full bonus should do. For those who can cross into enemy space, they can partake in this event as well, but must be standing on those respective worlds to query. The bonus stacks.

Cardassia- The Cardassian government, in an effort to bring peace (money for their economy really), has invited all factions to Cardassia for a great spaceship race. There are two options, shuttle or starship. They do not race against each other actually, just large crafts in their own race and shuttles in the other. The Cardassians forgot to ban weapons from the competition so, anything goes. However, there's a time limit and there's a gravity field that causes damage if you stay still. It's also to discourage full impulse. You die? You gotta do it all over again. Crossing the finish line in time gets you the rewards. 1st, 2nd and 3rd same as footrace. All others who cross in time, get a random white drop and 450 dil. Bonus of up to 10 percent flight insystem and 15 percent turn rate. Accumulates each time you do the race. Completing both will get you the stacked bonus. I think a nice round 100 times for the full bonus should do.

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It would be nice to see a few more locations like Hathon and whatever the new Romulan homeworld is. During the course of the shows, the crews happened upon countless civilizations of varying degrees of development while gallivanting about the cosmos. Here we happen upon countless dead worlds teeming with loitering enemies squatting ancient ruins for no apparent reason. Oh! They must be after those anomalous readings my minions are too lazy/inept to scan themselves.
All cloaks should be canon.
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Praxis was pretty much destroyed, no way that planet will ever be rebuilt and even if it was in the pipeline the costs would probably bankrupt the klingon empire.
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It wouldn't bankrupt the empire, they'll just fly a bunch of asteroids at whatever's left of the moon and gradually rebuild it.
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Just pointing out, not everyone wants to do combat to improve their characters or get drops but people want to be challenged. Risa can be run, run, run. A foot race of some sort. The end result could be stamina, reducing recovery times, reducing amounts of time you get hurt, or reducing the chances of a major/critical injury. Or just simply run faster for longer.

Yeah, I realise what I'm proposing is a bit of a large project for the developers, but it would keep people playing as there would be specific accolades to get that improves your abilities to function in combat. When fighting borg at elite on ground, every percent counts.

We could have a great space race of some sort, hosted by a neutral party where any faction could be involved. You'd be given two types of races. One by shuttles and one by large craft. Completing one gives you a small bonus to your turn rate. completing two gives a larger bonus. Coming in the first three places, gets you prizes. There would be no rules, except cross the finish line by this time to get the rewards. In other words, it's a running firefight to the finish line. You die? gotta start all over again. Crossing it earns you the bonus. You need to complete the race a certain amount of times to get the bonus. It's not a one time thing. Cross it 5 times in a shuttle, 1 percent. 50 times, 5 percent. Same for large craft. Combined for a total of 15, when completed both. I think that'd be fun, a knock down, drag out fight, to cross the line. To discourage people from just sitting there and shooting, you need to complete it by a specific time. Those who are just sitting there, will gradually get damaged by some kind of spacial disturbance.

You cross, you get the count to your bonus. You cross in time, and you're top 3, you get the reward. Then you can warp out or rage about whatever happened. 'stf' of 5 or 10, not sure.
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To be honest I would like to see worlds like Risa, Vulcan, Andoria and any that the Klingons can visit made into hubs almost equal to ESD but with unique stuff and buffs from each locations. DS9 is a ghost hub now thanks to moving omega gear to a rep store accessible from anywhere.

Yes it's a pain having to jet across the galaxy for these stuff but at least it made people go to DS9 and gave you different styles and location specific chats.

Either that or just get rid of these novelty places. Though I bet people would actually pay Zen to be able to go to Risa and wear bikinis, trunks and make it a slightly less useful but still good hub.
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04-30-2013, 05:04 PM
or specific DOFF missions that has a nice reward? wouldn't encourage people to sit around though.
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Added more data and suggestions in the OP. Enjoy the read, looking forward to your thoughts.
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Originally Posted by bpharma View Post
To be honest I would like to see worlds like Risa, Vulcan, Andoria and any that the Klingons can visit made into hubs almost equal to ESD but with unique stuff and buffs from each locations. DS9 is a ghost hub now thanks to moving omega gear to a rep store accessible from anywhere.

Yes it's a pain having to jet across the galaxy for these stuff but at least it made people go to DS9 and gave you different styles and location specific chats.

Either that or just get rid of these novelty places. Though I bet people would actually pay Zen to be able to go to Risa and wear bikinis, trunks and make it a slightly less useful but still good hub.
I'm not missing DS9 to be honest. It was gorn jokes all day, and the only interest was to buy Omega gear. I carefully avoided the local chat.
I don't want to wander across the galaxy twice because I need stuff from Risa, DS9, Vulcan, and ESD.

However, some kind of event in DS9 or whatever, that sound better.

Also, we were supposed to have "voting rights in DS9" for the highest rank of Diplomacy. I hope they'll do something about it. Someday.
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They're not stuff, but rather accolades that we work for. I haven't thought of one for DS9 and honestly I don't see a need. The STF for Bajor can easily be done through the pve query list.

the only pvp event that needs querying in person would be the Andoria and its 1 on 1. Only level 50s can do this. A Klingon with diplomatic immunity can land on Andoria and challenge anyone to a duel to the 'death'.

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