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I'm part of one fleet with a KDF and FED side.. the FED base and embassy is way more advanced than the KDF ones and I contribute to both, but more so to the KDF side...


I have to say the KDF base interior is way more interesting and visually stunning than the fed one .. I actually spend time in the KDF fleet base and pretty much only go to the FED one if I need to .. So Kudos to the devs and artists who did the KDF interior as its fantastic .. (the exterior sucks however)

Fed Interior is boring even with all the dill sink pretties ..

KDF rule .. "two thumbs up"
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04-11-2013, 01:26 PM
I concur. The KDF Starbases are amongst the finest work that the guys at Cryptic have done. Oh, and I actually like the exterior as well. And compared to the Fed. ones, they seem to have all the things in place, bringing a certain "Klingon" feel to it, while the Fed. ones just look generic with things all over the place.
It goes to point out again that so far the KDF has seen less that the Fed. in terms of quantity, but when quality comes as a topic - they pretty much nail 99% of the KDF stuff.
That 1% goes to the SB manequins and the Hoh'SuS BoP.
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