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A mission to upgrade unique weapons

[Vulcan Lirpa [Psi] [Stn]]
[Tritanium Rending Bat'leth]
[Ferengi Energy Whip]
[Klingon Disruptor Pistol]
[Bajoran Phaser Rifle]
Federation Type 2 Phaser]

[Federation Type 1 Phaser]
[Kri'stak Blade]
[Seleya Ceremonial Lirpa]

[Romulan Disruptor Wide Beam Pistol]
[Jem'Hadar Polaron Beam Pistol]
[Overcharged Plasma Sniper Rifle]
[Bajoran Phaser Pistol]
[Romulan Disruptor Split Beam Rifle]
[Hirogen Tetryon Blast Rifle]
[CRM 200]
[Synchronic Proton Distortion Prototype Assault Rifle]
[Relativity Self Targeting Rifle]
[Relativity Stasis Pistol]

At level 50 mission would show up with Engineer contact under "Weapon Upgrades" and would work like a DOff crafting mission. Normally only 2-4 would show up a round and each mission would be for a certain weapon.

For example
[Bajoran Phaser Rifle]
could be crafted into
[Bajoran Phaser Rifle - Mk.XII - [KB3]]

Requires the original item, some data samples, a particles trace, a few commodities and 2-3 Duty Officers.

- refunds half the samples and commodities. Get the new weapon
- Get the new weapon
- Samples, trace, and commodities lost. Original weapon returned
Disaster (Lobi bought items have no disaster option)
- Samples, trace, commodities, and original weapon lost. DOffs in sick bay

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If whenever they decide to increase the level cap and introduce MKXIII weapons, I certainly hope that we are capable of updating our current weapons as it is now. Can be through Crafting or DOff missions, though I don't know how they would be able to pull this off.....
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