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So far, been loving my new Recluse. Lot's of different ways to build it. I was wondering, however, if anyone could offer advice and recommendations. Basically, the likes of:
"XXX is what I prefer, for these reasons"
"YYY works well for ZZZ"

How do people fly their Reclusie, and why do you fly it that way?
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04-22-2013, 06:29 AM
I fly with UR Scorpions... The Mesh Weavers are tempting, but system synergy from Romulan Plasma/Hyperflux is a bit much to overcome. Thinking of rebuilding the Recluse after LoR launches with the new tetryon weapons from Nukara rep, but honestly not expecting similar performance to the Plasma loadout.
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04-22-2013, 06:59 AM
I also run my Recluse with the full three-piece Romulan Singularity Harness, Advanced Fleet Plasma weapons, and UR Scorpions.

It sucks because I hate how plasma looks and the HYT look terrible, I'd much prefer Elite Mesh Weavers and Tetryon weapons, but we shall see.
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04-22-2013, 10:05 AM
My Recluse is a science boat with energy siphons, tractor beams, sci-heals, and gravity well. I use one bay of uber-scorps, and one bay of advanced mesh weavers.

I wrote a full review of the advanced mesh weavers in the General Feedback thread. In general, the mesh weavers make better "escorts" because they can engage multiple targets with their beam spam, apply pattern beta, and can even draw some aggro and survive thanks to being frigate-class. They're okay for STF type content, but really good for mass chaos content like fleet actions where targets move quicker and usually have more shield strength than hull (mesh weaver's beam weapons are not being driven at power level 25 like other fighters). Compare to the elite scorpions, which are pretty much the perfect fit for STF missions which are full of slow-moving targets with millions of hitpoints that get clobbered by the clouds of heavy plasma.

Different pets for different roles. Having one bay of each sacrifices a little bit of STF single target bombing potential, but adds some APB support.

I'm actually very curious to see what super-widow-fighters wlll look like from the Tholian reputation system. If they aren't totally crap like regular widows are, it will be fun to run an "all Tholian" carrier with a mix of mesh weavers and widows.
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04-23-2013, 02:44 AM
Thanks for the reply guys

I sort of have my build sorted out now.
I am 1 or 2 days from running it, as I need to unlock the Romulan Plasma Beams, but once done it should be good.


The site bugged on me, and I couldn't put in the second tactical console.
I am undecided what other science abilities to use, and was running the commander as a tactical with 2 beam fire at wills and 2 attack pattern deltas. It worked, and I could tank the crap out of Infected Elite, and could survive, for a time, in between both the gate and the cube.

I ran a private SB24 and absorbed a total of 13.5 million damage during it, with the record at being able to tank 20-30 ships for several minutes. Proud of myself for that

My problem was survivability. So, switching to a single Fire at Will for grabbing agro and switching back to a science slot should help, but nevertheless, any advice people could offer would be greatly appreciated!

Oh, and the reason for not running 5 Romulan beams is I plan on fitting a fore and an aft torpedo, when I unlock them. The hyper-plasma fore, and the omega torp aft.

Needless to say, console upgrades to mk xii very rares are in the works, but take time.
Can anyone offer some suggestions, or advice, on improving the build?
I am still unsure of what to have in the commander slot. Science seems to make the most sense, given I can add a second Hazard Emitter 2 and Transfer Shield Strength 3, but Engineering could also be helpful. I just know that I won't use any powers that divert Auxillary if I can avoid it, as that reduces the effectiveness of my science abilities quiet substantially.

Oh, and on an alternate note: If anyone has a fleet that has t5 science unlocked, and they would be willing to let me use a couple of their resources to get the Elite Mesh Weavers, it would be greatly appreciated! I don't have the dilithium or fleet credits yet, but I am strongly working on it!
My in game tag is @The_Collective

Edit: The 2 sci consoles in the build should be Field Generator

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04-24-2013, 08:30 AM
I run my recluse with a tac capt using the com uni boff slot to maximize dps with a cannon load out, link to build HERE and gateway screenshot HERE works really well after many jokes from fleet mates about a tac in a sci ship, the elite weavers are a force to behold and i can take down most enemies solo both pve and pvp.
What started out as an experiment has now turned into my main ship.

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04-24-2013, 11:30 PM
Unfortunately, I am unable to get the elite weavers. My current fleet does not have access to them, but I am looking for a fleet that has a more streamlined fleet promotion system anyway. Unfortunately, I don't know that I would be able to find one that is advanced enough for elite weavers!

How do you handle the turn rate? Recluse has 2nd worst turn rate of carriers.
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04-25-2013, 01:10 AM
yes it does but with subspace jump and evasive maneuvers it easy to get it around the map engine batterys help also. Dont get me wrong shes not escort but tractor beam and grav well help keep the smaller faster ships in place and the larger ships are never really n issue. As for elite pets they do a lot of the work, As for a fleet, the only one i know of is Task Force Spectre that has tier 5 sci, thats where i got mine from.

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