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# 1 Blue Federation Screen lock Up
01-20-2010, 08:50 PM
When I tried to see if the servers were back up it went through the proper log ins and Connecting to server screens. Since the servers were not up yet it changed the screen to a full screen Blue federation log in screen with a few button on the lower right. Website , Options , Credits ,ect..

When I tried the Website button the program stopped responding ,and eventually the only responce the computer had left was mouse movement. Had to force a reboot [power off/on] to get the computer back up.

The New log in looks good, and responded quickly.

Update: I tried to log on again an hr later and all I got was a tinny window saying 'Trying to update launcher. Plaes stand by. 1 tries,' then the launcher died.
At least the computer kept running.

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