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# 1 Bugs that Ive found.
01-14-2010, 10:12 AM
To start with I still had the transporter swap of ship going to ground after the patch last night. This time though I had no away team and had to leave and return before the problem was fixed. It happened on the map prior to the hostage ship that was uber uber strong above kassae IV. Also the hostage ship at kassae was crazy. If it wasnt for a forum post telling me to stay at range use all bo powers and fight in reverse the entire time I wouldnt have beaten on my 4th try with this tactic. If the mines dont kill you the volley surely will and the shield recharge rate was insane. You can bring them down and shortly after you do you would die from the energy blasts, mines, or torps. (please fix cause so far this was my fav mission).

Another map near the border of sirius block Bayton where at the end the klingons help you take down a teyton battleship and let you go for helping them. If you die in the map before the klingons help you get respawned back at the beginning having to take on the battleship with no klingon help. Does not respond you back to the battle where you died and you have to repeat the entire quest chain.

The delta volanis quest chain if you get the quest where you are to help the asteroid base defend from klingon ships the NPC are crazy hard here as well and especially the last battle cruiser unlike the kassae mission. There was no tactic that I could use because the volley would bring down my shields and health to either 60 percent or in the teens. Fighting at range didnt work with this one and currently is the quest Im stuck on.

Volley from NPCs seem to be over powered and above the skill level of what the player level is. Enemy torpedos seem to be at a much higher level as well. Their disruptors cannons seem to not follow the same rules that we are held to and cause crazy damage even at range. Also Gorm rock throwers dont seem to have any cooldown on the ability that makes you puke and can keep you in that state for a very very long time.

Will post more bugs or possible bugs as I find them.

Edit The delta volanis exploration mission if you leave the mission where you are fighting klingons on land (491-z i think) and try to return the klingons do not respawn. Ive tried last night after the patch and just now and there were no NPC's to fight.

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