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Since one of the previous patches, my STO client tended to crash. Sometimes on New Romulus but very likely and mutiple time during the Mine Trap mission.

On lowest graphic settings however, the game was very stable, so I was quite optimistic that there is an specific parameter that is responsible for the game crashes.

For more then 4 h I played around with the graphic settings while playing Mine Trap ( I had a quite lot of Romulan and Fleet Marks to spend after that). After this test I could specify the problem: Bloom Effect. If completely turned off, even on highest settings the game runs very stable. As soon as switching Bloom Effects on, the game starts crashing.

I hope this might help alo other players with ATI cards to reduce client crashing.

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# 2 Bloom on ATi///
04-14-2013, 10:00 PM
Its been a bit to picky, I just turn it off. esp with some of the recent drivers, seems like something aleways brakes with them.

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