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I've got two friends looking into Star Trek Online. I was wondering if there's been any thought to putting STO onto, as they have a free to play section, you can buy points/money/whatever for those games, etc. Sort of how like you can buy Zen and starter packages from Steam, you know?

It'd be nice to have one more venue, since I know more people who use Amazon than use Steam. It'd be really nice since I like to use Amazon gift cards as gifts (both physical and digital), and they can buy a LOT of Star Trek goodies (videos, books, soundtracks, etc) from there.
Updated 2/11/13! Buying Zen with Energy Credits | Upgrading Duty Officers without Dilithium.
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04-14-2013, 02:27 AM
I would prefer that, or at least to buy Zen cards here in the UK ...
Hopefully I'll come back from my break; this break is fun; I play intellectual games.

I hope STO get's better ...

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