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There is one thing really that bugs me in game is how chat is handled, examples:

- Having to click a name then select "private message" from a menu to send a /tell.
- Scrolling back brings up what we said before instead of just showing the name@handle.

I would like things like:

- double clicking someone's name being a /tell name@handle in the chat box, ready to type our message.
- some kind of /reply (/r) to our last person we /tell with.

Although, i DO LIKE that typing /zone for example toggle the channel to zone and so on...


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04-14-2013, 11:24 AM
you can already hit backspace to reply... which is weird, I know. I guess that's because R is auto walk/ahead full. I don't know all of the circumstances to make it work but there is also an autofill on /tell, like to your friends on fleet people and what not so you can /tell bo and Bob@mynamesucks will auto fill in those instances. all you have to do is select it.

Though for the life of me... why doesn't the chat channels refresh automatically when you change toons? Switching from one toon to another causes /fleet to vanish from the list of channels.

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